TX5C expects to be QRV on March 7-17th, 2008 from Clipperton Atoll, NA-011.

Please sign our guestbook and be sure to put your call sign next to your name.  We hope to see everyone in the log.

668 Responses to “The TX5C Clipperton Atoll Dxpedition Guest Book”

  1. Hello to all. I’ve worked many of the ops on their other different trips and hope to work this new one for me with my small station.

    Matt WV1K

  2. Bill Shell said

    I’m looking forward to working you. Enjoy the DXpedition!

    Bill N6WS

  3. Sam - K8SN said

    Good luck you all on a fine DX Adventure! I will be looking for you all on the bands.. Listen for that weak one! That will be me!


  4. Gilles said

    Bonne chance pour cette fabuleuse expédition qui fait rêver nombreux d’entre nous….En espérant vous contacter
    Salutation à tout le groupe

  5. Antonello said

    Hope to be able to make 1 qso with you and say: “Thanks for new one”.
    Have a nice dxpedition.

    73’s Antonello, iz7doo.

  6. f5gn yves said

    En espérant pouvoir vous écouter depuis ce DXCC recherché par beaucoup . Salutation à toute l’équipe . Bon séjour dans le pacifique.
    73 yves GN

  7. Rick W6ENZ said

    Have a great DXpedition. Look forward to working you on CW. Rick W6ENZ

  8. Marc said

    Hi,thanks for this fantastic EXPEDITION

    Hope to catch you with my portable installation… not easy !!!

    Have a good trip and pleasure.

    Marc F4EIZ, 100% portable

  9. Tony F5RAB said

    I hope to make a contact for a “New One” for me.
    Have a great time with your DXpedition.
    Good luck.

    73 F5RAB Antoine

  10. Tom DJ6YX said

    Good luck and have a safe trip.
    73`s Tom DJ6YX

  11. Norb, AD6F & Judy, NB6J said

    Bob, N6OX
    Best wishes always. We noted you are the leader of this fabulous Dxpedition; therefore it will be the greatest ever.

  12. DL6FBH Benny said

    Hello guys,

    wishing you all the very best for 2008 and have a safe trip to the island. Can´t wait to work you 😉 The filaments and the educated aluminum are ready for your signals, hi.

    Semper Fi

    Have fun and stay healthy,

    73´s de Benny DL6FBH

  13. Scott KA6PGY said

    My father was on the 1958 Dxpidition. I have a 20 minute 8mm film of the Island that he took. The change in the Island from 1958 to now is unbelievable. Look forward to working you guy.

  14. F2VX - Gérard said

    Bonne continuation pour la préparation de cette nouvelle aventure, et que le drapeau du “Clipperton DX Club” flotte “haut” sur notre “île”…A bientôt, après J5C

    73’s à tous
    Gérard/ F2VX
    Past and Honorary Président of the CDXC.

  15. Tim wa4ts said

    Hope the trip goes well cause I need this one too

  16. I hope I can work this new one. Pse turn urs antenna sto south america.


  17. WX0V - Scott Woelm said

    Have fun and be safe!


  18. MM0NDX said

    Have a great DXpedition. Will be looking for you for a new one..


    Col MM0NDX

  19. F8IJV Seb said

    Happy new year 2008 and congratulation for this TX5C DXpedition !

    Wish to work you on HF, especially on 10m band if propagation is good enough…

    Take care and be strong !

    Friendly, Seb, F8IJV

  20. F8BPN Mau said

    Good luck for the TX5C Dx expedition, have fun and enjoy the piles up.
    Hope to work you on RTTY it will be a new one in this mode.
    73 and 88 F8BPN Mau

  21. Barry W1HFN said

    To Ann, WA1S; Thanks for the great K7C presentation at the MARA club meeting today. It was a pleasure to meet you and wish you the best on the TX5C expedition. With luck, maybe I will work you guys (especially on RTTY).

  22. Nils-Gustav Strom said

    I hope to see Dave (K4SV) on my SSTV screen! Good luck to all of you !

  23. will be my first clipperton qso,getting excited

  24. Roger Simpson said

    I’m looking forward to the Clipperton DXpedition. Clipperton DXpeditions have a long and colorful history dating clear back to Danny Weil days, but I’m still looking forward to my first Clipperton QSO. I’ll be buried deep in the pileups.

    73, Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City OK


    Good luck to everybody in this new team.As an old timer I still keep in mind a lot of fun with the 1978 DXpedition. I am still in touch with several french guys of this adventure.(ie F6BFH and his XYL )
    73 de Didier

  26. jim said

    i hope to work you on 80 meter ssb gl on you dxpedition 73 jim ac4xl

  27. vk2hv said

    I wish all a safe trip and retuen.Hope to see you in the pile-up..regards Paul vk2hv

  28. Paul N6PSE said

    Good luck on your travels to Clipperton Atoll. Be safe and Good DX to all!

    73’s Paul N6PSE

  29. Jerry said

    Boy, do I want this one. Lost all my Clipperton Dxpedition QSL’s some years ago. I look
    forward to contact. Maybe on 30 Meters. I wish the team success and look forward to massive pile-ups.

    Good luck.

    Scottsdale, AZ

  30. Wish you smooth sailing and safe trip and LOTS of Qs
    Best wishes

  31. F9IE said

    Have nice time on Clipperton , fellows.
    Good Luck.
    Bernard F9IE / J5C in Guinée Bissau

  32. Glad to support this DXpedition, as I did with the first operation on Clipperton many many years ago.
    Good luck and see you on many bands!

  33. Hi,
    Good luck for the TX5C Dx expedition & have fun and enjoy the piles up’s. I hope to work you on the all HF bands & see you soon on the air in march.

  34. Stuie said

    Good Luck & be safe, I hope to get you on any band & any mode at least once – new DXCC for me when your in my log .. 73,s look for you in the pile-ups.

    73,s Stuie VK8NSB

  35. Good Luck and God Bless U, especially to my friend Steve K6SGH, we proud of u Steve!!! Keep up a good work
    de DANI YB2TJV

  36. Paul--ND3R said

    Hope to work you guys for a brand new one!! Good Luck!!

  37. Mark-WN3CDW said

    Hoping for a 6 meter miracle Q ! Good luck !

  38. f6bcc/Bernard said

    Dear OMs and YLs
    Good luck to the Team for this new expedition…j hope to contact you for the first time with my little station and may be also with the mobile…It’s a very good Dream for everyone.
    73QRO and may be on the air in March…
    All the best from here in the Dep 17..between Bordeaux and Cognac!!

  39. ratko said

    Hello Bob,
    Congratulation for nice job on j5c and i will happy to heard you on TX5c
    73 de Ratko

  40. Rich - KY6R said

    Good luck – I look forward to working you as an all time new one.

  41. EA1FAY said

    I´m very happy to listen who F2JD Gerard participate in this dx´pedition. I hope to work this ” big man “. grettins from Spain. Ivan Gerardo

  42. Chuck N6VPM said

    I have Clipperton in my log from an earlier Dxperdition but hope to work it again. Chuch in Fort Mohave AZ

  43. Jim AJ4DX said

    Looking forward to working this. It’ll be my second one. Stay safe.

    Jim Ormond Beach, FL

  44. Jim AJ4DJ said

    Looking forward to working this. It’ll be my second one. Stay safe.

    Jim Ormond Beach, FL


  45. Jim AJ4DJ said

    Hi Guys,

    Looking forward to working this DX.


  46. Brian KP2HC said

    Best of luck to all. Have fun and safe home.

  47. GARY (K6RNK) said



    73’S GARY

  48. Ken Barnett,G0HOF said

    Can’t wait to hear you on Clipperton.
    It will be an all time new dxcc country for me.
    Good luck,safe journey.
    73,BBFN.Ken G0HOF.

  49. Don Novak W9YOR said

    Best wishes for a safe trip.

  50. John (Clipperton Kennon said

    Hi and thank you for leaving these comments! We do read and appreciate them!

    Work you in the pileups, YA! John N7CQQ

  51. DOV M0DOV said

    Have a great DXpedition. Look forward to working you on RTTY. DOV 4Z4DX / 9N7DX

  52. Fred Vermeulen-ZL1FAV said

    Best of luck. Look forward to meeting you on air.

  53. To all involved in this expedition,
    I have always been intrigued and curious with this far away island and the adventures of my ancestor, John Clipperton. To those who walk in his footsteps of some 300 years ago on that rocky outcrop, I am envious,but wish you well in this initiative. May good health and happiness be your companion.
    Raymond Clipperton

  54. Bill - KI4AAN said

    To all operators,

    I am looking forward to working one or more stations while you are on the trip. Hope you make many QSOs and have a safe trip.

    Bill Port Orange,Fl

  55. Good luck Wild Bill and group. Looking forward to another one. 73 Dave n4zkf

  56. Don said

    Am crossing my fingers for good luck re propagation on 6 mtrs. I only need one more country for DXCC on 6. Best wishes to all.
    Cheers, Don KC9KBB

  57. Michal WA6RZ said

    Hello All,
    Cannot wait to work your team. May you have great weather, calm seas, and most of all, a safe return home.

    Michal WA6RZ

  58. Jerry said

    Lost all my DX QSL’s a few years ago. One of my favorites was 2 Clipperton Dxpedition cards. I’ll definitely be in the pileups for your 2008 experience.

    Clipperton is a majic island. Thanks to all team members for being their.

    See you in the pileups!


    Scottsdale, Arizona

  59. Always a thrill to work Clippeton! Have fun and best of luck. 73 de W3NV, Frank

  60. Charles De Poalo said

    Good luck and stay safe at Clippeton. I appreciate the QSO with N2WB about this exciting experiance.

    73, to the team.

    Charles De Poalo WB2CIC
    Palm Coast, FL.

  61. Franck F5JOT said

    Bonne chance à toute l’équipe

    A défaut de réussir à vous contacter*, je penserai beaucoup à vous, car quelque part les récits de l’expé de 1978, faits par Alain F6BFH, m’ont encouragé à partir en expédition, avec toutes les conséquences heureuses que cela a eu par la suite.

    Alain, Danielle, Jacques et Maryse, je pense que vous comprenez de quoi je parle Hi Hi !!

    Prenez soin de vous

    73’s de Franck F5JOT

    * bah oui, verticale 100W, il ne faut pas que je rêve

  62. Just an 80 meter dipole at 70 feet, a tuner and a kilowatt. What could be more fun?

  63. Robert Schmieder KK6EK said

    Best wishes to the DXpedition, and especially to the team members I have had the pleasure of doing previous DXpeditions with: John N7CQQ, Arnie N6HC, Ann WA1S, Steve K6SGH, and Al K3VN.

    Regards also to the scientific team.

    Bob KK6EK

  64. Rustam UU2JQ said

    Have a nice and safe DX-pedition! Hope to work you on different bands/modes. Especially on 160m, 80m and rtty!

  65. Joey W5TFW said

    Going to get my Coffee cup, so I can be LOUD !

    73 Good Luck

  66. Good luck for the wonderful DXpedition,wish you
    hundred thousands DX.

  67. Good luck for your DXpedition and for your qsl cards take a look to my web site http://www.reddolphin.it

  68. RON said

    Good luck fellows..Will be looking all bands Mobile and Qrp also.

    Good luck to our fellow SWODXA members K4ZLE and K8LEE..

    Ron W8ILC

  69. Paul AB4PM said

    Good luck guys. Safe journey and smooth seas. I’ll be looking for you.
    73 de
    Paul AB4PM

  70. Hi.
    I am looking forward to work you on all bands from G0KPW / M6T site. Good luck guys and enjoy the hobby.

    M6T / G0KPW
    Proud Member

  71. Gary K9SG said

    Best wishes towards great success to the Dxpedition – especially to my fellow hams from the 3Y0X adventure

  72. Tim - K7XC said

    Looking forward to working you folks on 160M – 6M all modes. 73s from “The Great State Of Nevada” de Tim – K7XC – DM09nm… sk

  73. Mau F8BPN said

    Wish you a great expedition, have fun and a safe trip.
    Hope to put you in the log, I’ll be looking for you specially on RTTY.
    Good luck, best 73 to you all and special kisses for the frenchies!

    88 from Mau F8BPN

  74. Dick F4UQL said

    hello to all the team.

    good luck and have fun. Hope to have qso with you


  75. Bonjour a toute l’équipe

    pret pour le départ et une nouvelle aventure
    30 ans deja et toujours la meme envie!!!!
    tres heureux que 4 opérateurs de J5C soit dans l’equipe de TX5C et encore plus heureux que le CDXC soit superbement représenté.
    J’aimerais etre avec vous pour vibreret partager avec vous des moments intenses
    encore bravo ne changer rien c’est parfait
    merci a tous

    hello the team

    beautiful organisation and a new adventure to Clipperton

    special thanks to BILL N2WB and BOB N6OX to J5C TEAM

    I am very happy for you, please make a lot of qso
    for a new records, i am with you

    i hope too see you a Fried.

    good trip

    best 73

    President to Clipperton DX Club
    also TM0C TM7C 5V7C TO7C 5H1C XT2C AND J5C

  76. Wade - AA8LL said

    I just ran my snow blower to clear my driveway and I thought, “I wonder if this would work with crabs?” Seriously, I wish I were going with you. We are all waiting for you.


  77. Robert J Spencer KE8DM said

    Looking forward to working the Team good luck safe traveling. God’s speed and Blessing go with you.


    Rev Robert

  78. amanda wheelock said

    love you dad!! hope you enjoy the expedition.
    love mandy, matthew, noah & jonah.

  79. Ken Campbell N6PCD said

    Godspeed, good luck, stay well & have fun! Looking forward to working you with my “little pistol” station.

  80. Anonymous said

    Best wishes for a super time!
    KA6DOW yl of N6HC

  81. First of all, GOOD LUCK and have fun!! Be safe and may the radio gods be with you. Please,Please work plenty of USA General band splits 15 meters and below,CW and SSB. Good luck, I’ll be listening for you!


  82. I uploaded some pictures of the group loading the Shogun and setting sail today. Visit my website and follow the links…


    Dino – K6RIX

  83. Becky KS4RX said

    I am looking forward to Clipperton on the air. I really like your Booby logo. The bluefooted booby has special meaning to my husband (KC4AUF) & me. Look for me on the air – I’ll be calling. Have a gread DXpedition time!

  84. David Lammers said

    Good luck to all and I shure hope to talk to Bill Byers N2WB on the air. Have a great DXpedition!!

    Dave “Sparky” Lammers AE4DL

  85. Tom N3ZC said

    Just worked you guys as FO5A/MM onboard Shogun at 2252Z on 20M enroute to Clipperton..Looking forward to working you again soon upon your arrival.
    Good Luck & Be Safe!

  86. Uncle Budd N4WBJ said

    Thanks for the MM contact off Baha. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to all. Looking forward to another new one for me. 73

  87. dave va7hi said

    I hope to talk to you on all bands possible. Have an enjoyable and safe journey. I hope you make some records. 73

  88. iz4diw said

    Good luck, have fun and be safe!!!
    ciao & buona fortuna.

    73 de IZ4DIW

  89. Arnie said

    Very good signal from the vessel Shogun on 20 meters. My beam was pointed N.W, at the time of QSO. Look forward to working the operation on

    73 Arnie WA0GUD

  90. Mike WA3KYY said

    It was great hearing you guys from the MV Shogun last night on 20M. My little pistol wasn’t quite up to a QSO but I am sure once you get to the Atoll I will be able to work you.

    Fair winds and following seas.

    Mike WA3KYY

  91. Best of luck on this great DXpedition. I hope you have a great time and get home safely when the last Q is in the log. It looks like you have a great team going. Make sure you keep Al Hernandez in the refrigerator. He must be kept cold! This is what he is used to. Hi Hi. See you at Dayton.

    73, Steve

  92. Marc F6DAY said

    Humour… une pince de crabe… des cris d’oiseaux… du vent… et des QSO,s… Bon courage avec les piles up !!!
    73, Marc F6day

  93. Richard Weil KW0U said

    Great signal from the Shogun, Bill. Hope everyone has a great trip and makes lots of QSOs. It’s a fine way to help launch Cycle 24!

  94. Mike - WA4RXC said

    Looking for you all on 14.197 – Hope to make contact with you AL HERNANDEZ
    with my meager 100 Watts and short vertical. Good Luck and Godspeed!
    Mike and Gloria – Melbourne Beach, FL

  95. Dennis N0SMX said

    Looking forward to working you on many bands and modes from Colorado. This will be a new one for me all around. Best Wishes for a Safe Dxpedition !!!!!!

  96. John, N9OL said

    Just spoke with Ann /mm 500 mi south of San Diego. Have a great DXpedition- I hope you work you on Clipperton from here in Indiana.



  97. KD7EHG BOB said


  98. Rolland Lewis said

    Hi All:

    Tnx QSO on 29 Feb 08. Have a super expedition and I will look for you on Clipperton.



  99. Denis (Doc), W6EW said

    Just worked FO5A/MM on 20m, en route, I assume on the SHOGUN. 20 over nine in San Francisco. Fair winds and following seas for your voyage, and all the best for your stay on the atoll.

    Doc, W6EW

  100. zach and caleb k8lee grandsons said

    hey papaw wayne-

    we saw your comment to us. hope your not seasick.
    have a good spy trip

  101. don said

    Clipperton has been my first dx pedition contact, (FO0XX) and DJ9ZB was the operator there.
    I still remebember the QSO !!!
    I am sure you will be able to put out a great signal but beware of crabs !!!

  102. zach and caleb k8lee grandsons said


    Papaw Wayne i hope your not sea sick.
    Watch for crabs!! Keep writing in your journal to us.
    k8lee gransons

  103. Tim - K7XC said

    Best of luck on activating a real rare one! I sure wish I was there with you! 73s de Tim – K7XC – DM09nm… sk

  104. Bob - VE3XM said

    Good luck hope to work you on SSB with my new Elecraft K3/100 and Force 12 C3. 73,Bob

  105. Had u 599 as FO5A/MM on 20M this date 3/1/08, does this mean I can qualify for a QSl Card ? hi hi. Strong sig into upper NY state, but then the band went south quick. Good luck and watch out for the crabs, Hope u have plenty of cold beer. 73 John KC2JAJ

  106. Dave Kerl N9HF said

    Good luck and hope you have a very sucessful DXpedition.
    Dave Kerl N9HF
    Ormond Beach, Florida

  107. Terry Davis / N5JBD said

    Worked FO5A/MM today! Great signal 5-9 here in Arlington, TX. Good luck and enjoy the experience.

    Terry Davis

  108. Ryan - KE7FYB said

    Worked FO5A/MM today! 5-9 Las Vegas Nevaba. Good luck and have a safe trip.

  109. Lew - W4BLO said

    Hi Guys…

    Worked you as FO5/MM on 29 Feb. The extra day in Feb did it. Hope to work you from the island soon.
    Best of luck for a safe and successful expedition.

    73, Lew
    Virginia Beach

  110. Dan Severance - N6ERD said

    Bob, Arnie and the rest of the team
    Good luck and have a blast from Dan at from the San Diego DX Club. I wish I was there with you – RTTY on a LOT of bands – I’ll be all over that! Godspeed and 73!
    Dan, N6ERD

  111. Mark / DL1DSN said

    Hello all, looking forward to your signals here in DL. VP6DX has raised the bar, so expectations are high here in Europe. Wish you great success and hope to get some contacts in CW.

  112. Rolf J. Bandlow VE4VZ said

    Made contact with F05A/MM this morning March 3/08
    on 20 mtr 14.262 mhz ssb
    It was the highlight of this weeks DX hunting.
    Best ’73 and good luck
    de Rolf ve4vz ’73

  113. Howard, K8NHR said

    03/03/08 1610 Just worked FO5A/MM on the way to Clipperton. Hope to make you my 423rd DX entity. Good luck and lots of DX. 73 to all.

  114. Wes SP2DX said

    Looking forward to a QSO with you ! I missed the FO8AAA expedition (having worked a pirate !), so this time I shall be careful. Good luck to all of you and return safely back!
    73 Wes SP2DX

  115. Ed Kacura said

    Looking forward to working you guys QRP from Tucson,Az area.Made contact with you maritime mobile this morning-1718utc,14189 with 5 watts.Good luck,N7EDK

  116. g.l.mitchell--w2mya said

    dr om,s:god speed on ur dx pedition!!vy plesd ta wrk “wild bill”-fo5a/mm ystrday abord the “m.v. shogun” on 20 ssb enroute ta clipperton–i’ll be waiting ta add ta ur 100 k qso’s. g l es cul 73,”greg”-w2mya

  117. Gary Hubbard said

    Good luck on your DXpedition and God bless you!

  118. k8lee grandsons caleb and zach said

    Hi Watch for crabs!!! i hope you have a great D Xpedition

    K8LEE grandsons

  119. D.C. Greenwood said

    Bill. tnx for the qso this date (3/3) at 2241 from the Shogun. Hope to contact you in Clipperton. Will be a new one for me. Tnx for all the work you all do. 65 today in N.E. Ohio – supposed to turn to ice and snow tomorrow. Have fun in the sun. 73 Dick KA8RAM

  120. Juan J. Forestieri said

    Today at o:39 z I contacted FO5A/MM
    on 14,227 big signal 5/9. OP: ANN

    I wish you all the best in DXs
    will see you on TX5C


  121. Les KX6Q said

    Have a great time. Just worked Arnie on the Shogun,
    14.190. I look forward to to contacting you again at Clipperton Atoll

  122. John N6HI said

    Thanks to those that are already documenting the trip with your DXpedition Journals!
    I was happy to work the gang on Ducie on 9 band/modes with 1/2 Watt and a 20 foot end-fed wire … I hope to do as well with TX5C.
    Have a safe trip, give out a “new one” to a lot of hams around the world, and have a BLAST operating TX5C from Clipperton! 73, John N6HI/qrp

  123. Rick Degen said

    Thanks for the contact on 7.198 SSB @ 0550 3/3/08, with FO5A/MM, opr. Bill. On your way to Clipperton! Look forward to working you on the Island this week….WB0NBA San Antonio, Tx

  124. KE7QXW said

    Good luck everyone, don’t forget about the general ticket holders. listening to you right now at 14.193.


  125. Jim Davis KL2DS said

    Worked you on the Shogun earlier today on 14.258. Looking forward to many more contacts. Good Luck, and Fair Weather. Jim KL2DS 73

  126. Dan Schaaf said

    Hi, Hope you have a safe trip and I am looking forward to making all bands all modes with you. Good luck, bon voayage and Good DXing. We all appreciate your efforts. Dan K3ZXL

  127. David Sinclair said

    Good luck on your expedition. As a fellow club member of VA7 DX, I just thought I would drop you a note and wish you all the best.

  128. Jim Sheldon said

    Had fun working Arnie last night as he was racking up the Q’s as FO5A/MM. Super signal into the Wichita area. Also worked him again under our contest club call as W0ICT after I had turned the power down to 2 watts on my IC-7000. Still managed to get through the small pileup on 20 SSB. Looks like there’s going to be a pipeline from Wichita to Clipperton again. FO0AAA was fairly easy, and I hope I can get you guys on 160 meters now that I have a working antenna for that band.

    Safe journey and I look forward to working TX5C in a few days.

    Jim – W0EB
    Park City, KS (Wichita)

  129. Wade - AA8LL said

    Thanks guys for DXpedition Journals! K8LEE, tnx Wayne, for putting my call in your journal. It takes so little to make us happy! QSO’s soon! Beam is locked on Clipperton in case the rotator breaks.

    Wade AA8LL

  130. Steve W0SJS said

    Thanks for FO5A/MM contact on your way .. great signal here is MO on 40 . safe trip and CU there!
    73 – Steve, W0SJS

  131. Dimiter Petrov said

    Thanks guys for bringing back on the air Clipperton Atoll! Quite a thrill again.

    Publicity will be given in my weekly DX Program in English over Radio Bulgaria on short wave,
    http://www.bng.bg, click on English and then on DX Program.

    I trust I’ll see you down my log on CW!

    73 and much fun!

    Dimiter, LZ1AF

  132. WILLIAM W. KEMP said



  133. Randy said

    Godspeed with your DXpedtion!

    Best wishes for a safe, productive, and happy

    We, in the ham fraternity salute your bravery, hard work, and spirit.


  134. good luck to all on the shogun and dx to clipperton island……. i hve made 4 contact’s with u on mm
    great job u all r doing hve a safe trip up and back….. looking forward to working clipperton on all bands in the near future…i appreciate all ur hard work for all us on the home front…
    take care all
    ed nn6aa

  135. Chuck Guenther NI0C said

    Was fun to work FO5A/MM last night, then view the video of the FO0AAA expedition!

    I’ll be looking for you on 160m!

    Be safe, have fun
    73 de NI0C

  136. Gordon Levine WB6JVP said

    Clear Sailing! Good Luck with the weather. Come home safe!

  137. Win said

    Bringing Clipperton to life should be great fun.

    Be safe.

    Win, W0LZ

  138. VA3ITA said

    Can’t wait!


  139. Jimmy said

    Hello ALL! This is my first time working Clipperton Atoll, and I am very excited to work this dedicated group of hams who bring me the chance to add a new one to my DXCC totals. I have enjoyed working FO5A/MM and feel my minimalist station should have no problem working you all. I hope everyone gets a chance to work TX5C and may TX5C far surpass their QSO Goals… 73, webmaster @ Magnolia DX Association. Jimmy KB5FSV

  140. Eric kk7ue said

    Thanks for the MM this afternoon on the .190 split. Im looking forward to your activation and am very excited to see if my little pistol vertical can make it to you. Clipperton will be a first and a milestone for me. Thankyou for your efforts, expenditures and scientific endeavor. See you down the log and God bless. very 73! kk7ue cn86

  141. Trisha Atwood said

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, but your missing the most important information. How’s my Alyssa?

    Proud mothers never die!

    Kidding aside, I am excited to hear her tales of who you are all and how you are living your passion!

  142. M.P. "Pete" Higginbotham said

    Made contact today “/MM”. Really looking forward to an on island contact! Good luck and 73 to all. W6SV – 4000′ elevation East of Bakersfield California.

  143. Anonymous said

    Hi all my name is Wyn gw4rib i would just like to wish u all the very best of luck and a smother opperation thank u for your time and effort, enjoy the your time there and have a safe trip home cu in the pile up 73
    Wyn gw4rib

  144. nuno ct1fjo said

    hi to all

    good journey
    hope to work from portugal for a mew one for me!
    good dx and have fun

  145. TOM YB3KM said

    Good luck to all, hope to contact with you.
    I wish you all the best. TOM YB3KM

  146. Fero Baracsi said

    HI , hope yours get the little pistols also , after BIG GUN’S.73 & DX Take care HA8MT

  147. Corky said

    Hi Folks
    Nice to work FO5A/MM on 3 separate occasions. I now believe I have a shot at working TX5C from my portable… on location with tv series Stargate Atlantis Best 73 to All
    PS tell VA7DX cold cold cold in 7-land Enjoy the warmth
    de VE7ZDX

  148. Scander Astafan WS2W said

    Hi Guys.. Looking forward to your DXEXPEDITION!
    Hope to contat durring your adventure!


    Scan WS2W USA

  149. Ben Montalbano K3BVU said

    Great working you as MM. Looking forward to working you on Clipperton in a few days.
    Only have 100 watts and a beam.
    That should do it.

    Ben Montalbano, K3BVU

  150. Andy said

    Hi, what is your DX frequencies?

  151. Scott said

    What an excellent “2nd course” of DX right after Ducie Island. Fewer days and more distractions (sand, coral, crabs, rats) will probably yield fewer QSOs, but I still wish you all the best, and hope you reach your goal of 100,000 QSOs.
    Now for a “3rd course” to finish off this DX “meal”. Scarborough Reef? Johnston Island? Bouvet Island? Raoul Island? Satawan Atoll? Bikini Atoll? In my opinion, it doesn’t even have to be a DXCC entity. I’d just like to work it.

  152. Andy Hewitt G3SVD said

    I wish you all the best of success for the upcoming endeavour and look forward to working you.

  153. Steve Bowyer WZ7E said

    I’ve set up an inverted vee all band dipole at 65 feet just for this Dx operation. Anxious to see how well it does. Une tres nouvelle aventure. Bonne chance et salutation à tout le groupe.

  154. Wally VE8DW said

    Best of luck and thanks for FO5A/MM. I hope I can work you as TX5C as well.

    Wally VE8DW

  155. zach and caleb k8lee grandsons said

    Don’t act like I didn’t find out you spies changed my earlier entry from “spy trip” to D Xpedition

  156. Bruce said

    A safe and successful Expedition!

    Best wishes!

    Bruce XW1B

  157. Rod said

    Thanks for the contact during the ARRL DX SSB.
    Will be looking for you this weekend. Good luck.

  158. george d dennis said

    best of luck! hope to hear you soon, ann you
    forgot to take some snow with you,
    be safe watch out for the crabs!

    george 73

  159. Stefan Samu said

    Keep up the great work and excitement, hit your goals, and have a safe retun home.

    73’s de Stefan,

  160. Rob/PA3GVI said

    Good luck on this NEW ONE (at least it is for me)
    and hope to work you guys on at least one band/mode!
    Take care, 73,

  161. Daniel/VK4AFU said

    Wish you all the best for this expedition,and a special BONJOUR to F5JY Jim ,many DX and take care.
    Best regards to the team and don’t eat all the crabs.Thanks Daniel VK4AFU ex FK8FU 73’s

  162. George Taylor KE4HJ said

    Good Luck and have Fun!
    Looking forward to working you on 160m and 80m SSB.
    George in Florida

  163. Robert Finkelsen said

    I have been following your progress on your web site. A co-worker WA1S is on this DX expodition and is real nice to see the uploads through the satellite link especially the spectacular photos. I almost feel like I am there!
    Bob F

  164. Wayne,
    It’s very interesting watching the progress of your expedition. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Love Zak & Caleb’s comments!

    The pictures are wonderful – – keep them coming. I’m sharing with the people at work too.

  165. Tom Mussatt W9EBY said

    Have fun. Will try to work you on all bands CW. 100 watts and not the best antennas. Be careful. 73 Tom

  166. Cam HP1AC said

    Hi Joel F5PAC and Gerard F2JD best regards to both of you and rest of gang from Panama. 73 Cam HP1AC

  167. GEORGE said


  168. Moin,
    good luck for your Operation.I still need Clipperton on 160/80m for new bandpoints.
    Vy 73 to the whole team,
    Wilf – dj6tk –

  169. Pat N0HR said

    I’m going to look for you guys on all bands and modes. Certainly exciting to see this is ready to go QRV.

    TX5C dxpedition is loaded into the DXpedition Map at http://www.n0hr.com/wk34

    73 es gl!
    Pat N0HR

  170. Bill Douglas said

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Was able to work you on the way to Clipperton and of course am hoping to work you while there.
    Have a great time and great DXing!

    73 Bill Douglas VE6WDE
    Edmonton, AB Canada

  171. Looking forward to making contact with Clipperton from the east coast. I only have a short window in time to work but will do my best.

  172. Larry Francis said

    I am new to this activity, but looking forward to getting through from Congress, Arizona. I am an RVing Snowbird.

  173. Dave Moore WB4VAM said

    Al (K3VN),

    Hello from Melbourne. Look forward to contacting you.

    73 Dave

  174. Rob Lytle said

    Worked Clipperton in the late 70’s on all bands but 160M on CW. Look forward for some fun with this one as well. But all I have is a K2 and lousy antenna so I hope you guys get on PSK-31. It might be my only hope unless a giant sunspot appears 🙂

    73 Rob N3FT/7

  175. bob kreimer wb8jht said

    good luck be safe and a special hi to wayne 73 bob

  176. Hello TX5C Team

    good luck in Clipperton,
    have fun managing the hugh pileup´s
    hear you on the bands

    vy 73 de Alexander, DL5VZ

  177. Phil Storey VE7YBH/VE3YBH/G3YBH said

    Good luck with the trip. Have fun, Stay safe and enjoy.

    73 to all.


  178. Ljube, YU7AU said

    Such HUGE and serious preparation, have to
    resualt in good signal everywhere, I am sure.
    Good luck to all ! ! !
    Ljube YU7AU & YU8AU

  179. Gérald BEGARDS said

    Bonne chance à toute l’équipe

    Salutations à Joël F5PAC et Jean-Pierre F5AHO.
    Je ne pourrai malheureusement pas vous contacter depuis mon QRA en HS mais je serai à l’écoute…

    73’s QRO
    Gérald / F8DEG

  180. I2YBC said


  181. Dear friends,

    It is for a swl a super expedition i try to listen every day and try to hear you on as much as possible bands. Take good care of yourself.

    Thanks louis

  182. Manfred said

    Hi guys,

    we are already listening on your signals, hope to work you in CW soon. Have a good start and enjoy the trip to the island.

    Best 73 es 55 de

  183. Anonymous said

    Bonne chance pour cette expédition…


  184. Mino said

    Bonne chance pour cette fabuleuse expédition…

    ino ct1izw

  185. Mike Graham, VE1CTW said

    Here’ wishing you folks a great expedition. I’m looking forward to working y’all, especially Ann, WA1S (on CW, of course)!! Good luck.

    Mike Graham
    VE1CTW & K7CTW (ex-NE1V)

  186. Ian McKinnon VK2XF said

    G,day from Australia….
    Recently finished a little quad for 10/6 so hoping I can work you with that.
    Listening on all bands for you.. good luck and many thanks for your efforts.
    Ian vk2xf

  187. Scott said

    More pictures of the Shogun departing for Clipperton are at:


  188. Nate Tart AC4GT said

    Looking forward to working you….Today is
    7 March and have not seen a spot yet……I worked FO5A/MM……
    Looking for you on the bands.. Good Luck

  189. Vladimir said

    Best wishes to the crew!
    Enjoy the DXpdn.

  190. pamela batson M0PBX said

    Have a great dxpedition. Look forward to working you guys. Enjoy


    sunny Flamouth, Cornwall, S W England

  191. pamela batson M0PBX said

    Have a great dxpedition. Look forward to working you guys. Enjoy


    sunny Falmouth, Cornwall, S W England

  192. pamela batson M0PBX said

    Good dx

  193. Barry (W3BRG) said

    Im lokking forward to working you on the bands,Good luck with everything, Best of 73’s to all of you. Barry W3BRG

  194. wave62 said

    I landed in clipperton july 29th 1986 while my gas tanker passed nearby. A piece of my heart is there…into the wild.

  195. Ramon PY6KY said

    Big Heroes,
    Good luck in the dxpedition Clipperton Atoll 2008. I hope to work you on the all HF bands & see you soon on the air in march.Im lokking forward to working you on the bands.
    73’s to all
    Ramon PY6KY

  196. John - W6JGB said

    Congratulations on reaching Clipperton and setting up so quickly. From Larkspur, CA 20 Miles North of San Francisco, I heard you all 5/8 last weekend, while you were still MM on Shogun. My base setup is not optimal w. 706MKIIG and HamStick vertical dipole off my apt. deck. Regardless, I hope to work you all on 20M in the next few days. Stay cool down there and drink lots of water. 73 de W6JGB

  197. Bill Fisher WA8RHT said

    Glad to hear you made it safely. I worked two of you as FO5A while I was mobile on “The Streets of Laredo”, Texas. Hope I can get through the for sure pileups with my mobile 100 watts and the Hustler antenna on the pickup! Enjoy it, 73’s Bill WA8RHT, Laredo, Texas.

  198. Ben Fisher said

    I wish I was with you all instead of begin here stuck at work. Hope to work you on many bands
    Ben K9BF

  199. Ron - AL2V said

    Hope to get you. Good luck & 73, Ron.

  200. Russ Santos- K1TSV said

    Good luck to all, especially to my wife, Ann, who I am very proud of. Now, if I can only get the DX to call me!

  201. Mel Frost said

    When you guys hit the switch it is going to dim all the lights in N. Amer….EVERYONE is looking for your signal! Suggest you use cotton in your ears for the first 36 hours, hi,hi..

    Good luck, stay safe, stay on the air!


  202. Jeff Moore KE7ACY said

    Here’s to great propagation all the way around!! I’m looking forward to working you guys!

    Jeff Moore
    Bend, Oregon

  203. Looking forward to working you from Puyloubier (South of France, location of last year’s Clipperton DX Club convention).

    All the best to the team and enjoy the pile-ups,

    73 de John – F5VHQ

  204. Ron K6JAH said

    Hi guys. Worked you MM, waiting for my first contact with you from the island. Good luck.

  205. Paul DK8SR said

    Hello OMs,
    hope to work you there and to work Clipperton for the first time, after 36 years of ham-radio activity, hi.
    Good luck es 73,
    Paul DK8SR

  206. Scott said

    What happened? No update on the site, and no activity on the various DX clusters. I see winds from 11 to 18mph today, and some slightly “annoying” weather, plus a bunch of thunderstorm activity this entire next week. Are you all OK? Scrapping it due to Monday the only clear day? Is someone seriously ill? Or has it been scrapped due to the weather? Been waiting for this since a Ducie Island contact confirmed I can actually reach the Pacific with this “less than desirable” setup.

  207. Randy Ward K7JRW said

    I Know you guys are safe,theres no better boat and crew,I know this boat well.But we do need some kind of responce,Talk to ya soon,talked to ya several times beautiful 59++ from lake Havasu
    Randy Ward

  208. The delayed start gave me a concern for your safety! The appropriate spirit protect you.

  209. Philip Brown, W1PHB said

    Best wishes, waiting for the first contacts. 73’s

  210. Wade - AA8LL said

    We are having a blizzard in Ohio. Would you like us to send some snow down your way?

  211. Jerry said

    March 8, 2008


    You certainly don’t need me to warn you about
    the dangers of intense heat and humidity.Good
    to have a doctor on the team. I had a stroke
    due to the sun. I was fortunate and got to
    a hospital quick.

    Please take care!


    Hope to work you today.

    Jerry Page
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  212. Hey,

    I´m looking forward to catch you as a new one.Fine new challenge after huntig the ducie boys.Good luck, have a fine, save trip.

    Good hunting to all the DX érs around the globe!

    73 Hauke

  213. Joe N4NAS said

    Best of Luck on the DX-pedition. 73 from Kentucky USA

  214. BRIAN ALLEN said

    Have a great dx adventure-watch the heat-look forward to working you with low power(100 watts+vertical ant.) listen close for VE1AZV…73
    Brian…Halifax,Nova Scotia

  215. John Goff Jr K5PBR said


  216. Jim Neumann W9JWN said

    Good Luck and hope you have a good Time.

  217. George Ulm said

    Worked you mm on way to Clipperton,now standing by on 14190 hoping to hear the island have great expogeorge w9evt 2308z

  218. Hiro JN1ADL said

    First, you must take care of your health.
    I wish all of you not to meet dangerously.

    Please take care! and have a good time!!

  219. Dear Friends,
    With SUPER Operators I’m sure that will be a GREAT SUCESS!
    I wish all the Best for DXpedition and Thanking in advance to maintain Hamspirit !
    Promoting DX is Preserving Amateur Radio!
    Be well and Best 73s
    Note : I hope work on same bands and all modes!

  220. Ted N4QN said

    TNX to you all, nice sig hr in Fl..been waiting
    for 80 mtr CW since last xpedition…Have a super
    time…73 & Best to all

  221. KD4QMY - George said

    Thanks guys for the 40m QSO, 09 MAR 08, 2:03UTC.
    You’re off to a great start! Keep a cool drink close by and stay safe. Hope to work you again on the other bands. Take care and 73 de KD4QMY, Macon, Georgia, USA.

  222. Aki said

    Congratulations on your beginning of DXpedition!
    I read your “HOT NEWS”. In the literature, it’s a HOT weather, isn’t it. Please take care of yourself and have a good time. I’ll enjoy your DXpedition.
    Thank you all.

    Aki, JH5BJU/3 Osaka

  223. amanda wheelock said

    it snowed a little here, dad!

    hope you are well.
    love mandy

  224. Paul K37NZE said

    Great to make contact with Ann, WA1S as FO5A 3/2/08, 8:25 MST, 14.262MHz on way to Clipperton. Hope to make many more this week.
    Beautiful island however hot!
    Paul KE&NZE

  225. Paul KE7NZE said

    Thats KE7NZE on previous entry, not K37NZE or KE&NZE. It must be hot here too.

  226. Charlie N5BLY said

    Worked the last Clipperton Island DXped on 5 bands. Then Hurricane Katrina distroyed my station along with 25 years worth of logs and QSL cards! Now, I’m starting all over and am gratefull you guys are giving me another chance to work a great DX location.

    God Bless and 73 from southern Mississippi!

  227. Paul said

    Aloha !

    Merci ! Magnifique !

    Aurevoire !

    Paul KH6/G3SEA

  228. George Thorwar N6CAS said

    Nice signal tonight on 75 meters into Northern California. Have a good time on Clipperton

  229. Bill said

    You peaked in UK on 80m at 07z (S5-7) but worked only USA. These guys have hours of condx but we have only a shrt time. Can you please listen just for EU at our peak – even if it’s only for 30mins?

  230. Lou said

    Keep up the good work! Got 80 Phone tonight. trying to get in on 30 Meter CW, but no luck yet.

    I am looking forward to working y’all on all modes available. I know you will make your goal

    Good Luck!
    73 es God Bless!

    Lou WA5LOU

  231. philippe said

    félicitations à l’OM ” de service” en 40m ce dimanche matin….”une main de fer dans un gant de velours” pile-up mené de main de maître
    j’en profite pour faire coucou à F5AHO sans oublier l’ensemble du team international
    bon courage à tous et un grand MERCI
    à vous tous et rdv sur d’autres bandes
    73 de philippe F5MSB

  232. SP9HZX said

    I see here super team.Pity I cant be with you.
    Have a nice stay there and good luck in DXing


  233. Carter Craigie said

    Good luck to you all. I sure hope you can deal with the intense heat and the big rain storms. I hope you will be able to hear my little 100-Watt signal and my BigIR ground-mounted vertical. It’s exciting to see that SteppIR is a sponsor!
    I have never worked Clipperton Island before!
    Carter N3AO
    Blacksburg, VA

  234. Joe W4HH said

    Congratulations and tnx for putting Clipperton on the air.

    Here’s a request: Is it possible for you to operate occasionally with slow-speed CW? Maybe the first 15 minutes of each hour — or some such sked — you could use 15-18 WPM for us with rusty CW skills??

    TNX ES 73, Joe, W4HH

  235. Carl Jonsson said

    You were peaking 579 in Sweden on 80 mtrs this
    morning. Unfortunately I could not work you during the 30 min possible because you were working USA.
    Unfortunately the same story with all previous expeditions to Clipperton.

  236. George said

    I wish they were working split high enough to us General Class licenses could work them. That includes both CW and SSB.

    One thing that made VP6DX great was that nearly the entire dxpedion they worked high enough for Generals to make contact.

    George – a proud General CW op.

  237. Dave Pruitt W9DP said

    Thanks for the 20,40,80 Contacts already 3/9/08. I also want to thank the op on the Boat down for letting my Boy Scouts talk to them. Also the rest of the world for standing by. 73 be safe and good DX.

  238. Orrin said

    From K9KEJ–
    Finally at 9:15 am central time–your signal came up to just over S9. Great work, and tnx for answering my call.


  239. Don Perrilloux ND5P said

    Good signals on 75 and 20. Good luck to all.
    Don Perrilloux

  240. DS3FGV said

    Thanks for the nice qso.
    Good dx 73!

  241. Lynn - K5AVJ said

    Good to work y’all on 75 mtrs today. I’ll be checking the “logsearch” for confirmation. Hope to work you on other bands, as well.

    73 from Buffalo Gap, TX
    K5AVJ – Lynn

  242. Offended said

    Granted, there will always be LIDS who can’t figure out split, or old-timers who know it’s split, but can figure out how to do it on their new rigs, but this is by far a dismal operation. I don’t mean the operators, either. The “frequency police” helping the operators, have called others “idiots”, “f***ing idiots”, “morons”, and have said stuff like “get a clue”, “this is a bunch of sh**”, etc. It’s enough I have to listen to some people being LIDs (calling on frequency instead of split), but it’s even worse when I have to listen to foul-mouthed operators talking trash on top of these LIDs, and sometimes even on top of the operators themselves.



  244. PEPE EA4ZQ said

    Hay que tomar ejemplo de grandes expediciones como VP6DX. La radio no es solo USA.

  245. Due to Aurora that affects Eastern EU path to FO/C would you be so kind ask the folks at TX5C to follow the VP6DX way to work East EU via short path on our sunrise starting, say, 0400z on 80, 40 and 30 meters.

    Propagation to NA lasts all day long, so why don’t they stop US and listen for EU ONLY for a few sunrise hours?

    73, Victor US5WE

  246. ron mcmurray said

    thanks for the qso. great work guys

  247. James O'Brien W4AMP said

    Good sigs on 80,40, and 15. See you on the other ones soon. 73

  248. Best wishes for fun and success on Clipperton.
    Please work some 10meter simplex if the east coast USA opens. Thanks
    All The Best 73’s

  249. Tim KD6WAG said

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BROADCAST YOUR TRANSMITTING FREQUENCY MORE OFTEN while working split frequencies. Thank you. Have fun and happy DXing!!!

  250. Great signals into SW Mississippi. I have worked your group on all bands except 12 meters and I have CW and SSB QSO’s one everything except 10 meters. Will there be 12 meters operations and phone on 10 meters? Keep up the good work. I hear it’s HOT there so take in lots of water.

  251. Ted - KN5O said

    You have had terrific signals into Louisiana (near New Orleans) on all bands. Even on 10m CW as I write this, you are a solid S9 on my rcvr at 19:45z. Please keep up the great work, be safe and thanks for the Q’s! Very best wishes for a very successful operation. Ted – KN5O

  252. John Sharp K5JGS said

    What a great pleasure for a new ham!! I was able to make contact with FO5A on the Showgun and then with TX5C on 15 meters! I celebrated by buying one of your greatlooking shirts. Thank you for making a new hams day. Have a successful expedition.

    John Sharp K5JGS

  253. Bruce said

    Tnx for remembering the mobiles, Bill. 9 Mar 2008 @1959 18.120/18.125.
    WA8IQF/M mobile in FL

  254. OE8KDK - Dieter said

    All the best for this DX-Pedition to all of you! N2WB Bill: I listened to you on 18.120 today via a remote-station in w6. I was very happy to hear your voice, and i think that you are fine. You and your team is doing a perfect job, i will try to work you in the next days from my own station. 73 also to the team-members from J5C!

  255. Tom said

    Thanks guys for the great effort. Be safe and return with great memories. 73

  256. Chris said

    Thanks for QSO and being on the air finally.
    But please .. can someone explain to the “hot-news” editor that we are not all english mother language !! sometime the words are not understandable by a non american people. (at least compared to VP6DX… this is less clear and less enjoyable to read)
    Thanks anyway, 73


  257. Phil Weaver said

    Good Luck and I hope to make contact….


  258. Bill said

    Thanks for the QSO’s and hope to work you on RTTY before you finish, great operation so far.


  259. Tom Frost said

    was a real pleasure to work FO5A/MM from my modest station in New Mexico on 20M…looking to work you as TX5C from the atoll…

    73 de WA6OML

  260. Jock Soutar KC6IIH said

    Hello and Thank You for all the efforts it takes to do one of these projects.
    I worked you todat 3 /09/08

  261. Al Toll said

    You guys are running an outstanding dxpedition. Your signals have been an honest 59 plus at all times. You guys have a lot of patience! With all the stations calling I didn’t think I would make it in, but I did. Thank you.

    73 de W6JNU

  262. Alan Eshleman said

    Hello Ann and Arnie, my fellow Kure expeditioners. I hope to work you on 160 later this week.

    73, Alan/K6SRZ

  263. Alan Eshleman said

    …and not to forget John, another Kure veteran.

    73, Alan

  264. Paul Genaw K8PG said

    Thanks for all the QSOs,you are doing a excellent Dxpedition,signals are great on all bands What big pile-up you have I think bigger
    than VP6DX- lots of Great oprs.Take Care and
    have a safe and fun time God Bless-73

  265. Bruce said

    Thanks to all the Operators and Sponsors for this DXpedition. I hope you enjoy your time on the Atoll. Best 73’s.

    Bruce, KI7JA

  266. VK4NL Noel said

    Hi Gang enjoy the coms hope to work u down the track take care.


  267. What a thrill to work your DX-pedition on several HF bands. Words cannot express my elation when I worked you on 160 meters CW with a very low dipole and 100 watts. I am proud to be a member of one of your sponsors, the Magnolia DX Association. Best DX and look forward to working you on many more band/slots.
    Keep those Q’s comming.

    73, Charlie WD5BJT

  268. Hi guys,

    THANK YOU for going all out! I have a funny story for you. I was trying for hours to get a contact. Then, when Steve QSY’d to the general portion, I called my 11 year-old son, Steven Jr. inside from playing. He upgraded to general in November and has been having a lot of fun chasing DX. I explained to him where Clipperton was and that I remember the expedition from 30 years ago, because I had just got my license then – and how prized that QSO was to anyone who made contact (i.e., not me, I was a novice back then).

    So, I couldn’t get through, but I figured what’s the harm with letting him try? He gets on the air and after a few minutes of calling, KD0BHG is a contact! You had to see him nearly jump out of his skin! Now dad has issues with his son being a better DXer than he is. :o)

    I still have time, right?

    Oh, and KD0BHG wants to go out for the next trip ;o)

    73 and have a safe trip!

    Steve, Sr. KA2AYR

  269. Carlo said

    Thank you all for the qso on 40m with only 100w and dipole; you gave me a NEW ONE!!! I am really satisfied today.I hope to contact you also on 20m.
    Carlo IZ8GNR

  270. Jerome said

    Merci pour ces 1 er qso,
    bon courage a vous tous

  271. Gordon Tibbits VK4FO said

    Thanks to the sponsors and participants of TX5C. Signals excellent into VK, thanks Steve. Hope it all continues to go well for all of you.

  272. Dave said

    When you peaked in W Eu on 80CW at sigs S7 you worked only USA. Please …. devote 30mins to us at 0645-0715 …its our only chance. You claim to focus on EU but only 5% of your QSOs are with us…we only ask for 30mins when you work EU only. Is it possible?

  273. Johann said

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous, merci pour cette superbe activation,le contact sur 40M fût acrobatique mais bon.les signaux sont bons sur la FRANCE.Je vous souhaite une grande réussite.MERCI

  274. Johann F4FEP said

    Et surtout profitez bien.

  275. Luis said

    I think, the zip code ofqsl information, ist not correct. 89028 or 89029.
    tks 73 Luis

  276. Cliff N7HIY said

    Not just another day in paradise with those temperatures and the wind storms.

    keep safe

    the antennas work

  277. Dave K7DAA said

    Wow, I really appreciate the opportunity you guys and gals are giving us to add a new one! In return, I certainly hope you’re having a great time while you’re there.

    I’ve managed to work you on 40 meters SSB twice already without being a dupe–both FO5A/MM as well as now having TX5C in my log yesterday! Very gratifying to see that I’ve already shown up in your first upload of the log. And me with only a 100 watt station with a tiny vertical (essentially a mobile whip with 8 foot radials) sitting on the lawn in the back yard. I only called twice in the pileup before K3VN answered my call!

    A very personal thanks to Al Hernandez for having the great ears! Looking forward to the QSL, and will certainly help support TX5C financially as well.

    73 to the Clipperton crew,

    Dave K7DAA

  278. F6KHM club said

    Fb expeditions!
    Nice to work you on 80 ssb , 40 cw/ssb this morning and 20 ssb yesterday!
    Nice event
    Please to meet you on others bands
    F6KHM/TM6M team

  279. Vlad UA2FF said

    Thank you for attention for EU on 80m SSB today morning during our sunrise.
    Will be glad to work you on 160m but freq 1827.0 is really bad in EU(BC carrier). Much better use any other with .5 (1822.5 — 1827.5)

    Hope you can read this before end of expedition 🙂

    73 de Vlad UA2FF

  280. André/Andy F5AKL said

    Despite QSB and numerous LIDS, many thanks for your report on 40 CW.
    Good luck to all and CUL with pleasure.

  281. Tom said

    Nice job guys. So far I worked you on 4 bands (not including the mm contact). This was done with a mimmum of effort, many times getting you on the first or second call. I’ve worked harder working stateside QSO’s. All done with a modest wire antenna!

    Thanks 73 to everyone
    Tom W5RUM

  282. Jim Sheldon said

    Worked Arnie when he was operating the /MM station on the trip out.

    I only needed Clipperton on 160 meter CW as I have the QSL from the FO0AAA Dxpedetion which covers the other bands, so after I worked you guys on 160 yesterday, I plan on staying out of the fray until things start winding down a bit.

    Now that the first logs are posted, I see that it was Arnie that I worked on 160 CW – By the way, my miniscule 100 watts and very low quarter wave antenna made the trip on the first call! That don’t happen often! Thanks Arnie!

    73, and Keep ’em hydrated and smear ’em with lots of sunscreen.

    Jim – W0EB

  283. Claudio VE2DWA said

    Thanks for the NEW ONE your patience in copying my small signal in 80 CW exactly at my sunrise.
    I hope to work you in another band
    73, Claudio VE2DWA

  284. jon owens ericson said

    glad to work Bill on80
    about 7 am iowa time

  285. Peter Demme said

    You are doing a very perfect job. To work you on 6 bands will not be a problem for me. First call contacts are standard procedure for me.

    best 73 Peter

  286. Bill Scott, NM4K said

    Great Job Guys, your signals into KY have been great, keep up the good work. 73’s

  287. f6bcc Bernard said

    Dear OMs and YLs
    J tried this morning between 4H and 9H GMT on 7mhz …with my little station ..your report was between 53 TO 55 for me on my dipole …
    J expect to get One contact with my equipement…It will be my first…
    Anyhow good wishes to everybody..All The Best !

  288. Dear friends,
    I am very happy to have received your SSB-signals today (March 10, 2008) in the very early morning with my TEN-TEC-RX 340 on 80 meters with 5/7 using a 20 m longwire antenna. Many thanks for your great activities, good health , ufb DX and happy return after finishing your great job.


  289. Dean N9JV said

    Doing a great job,I hope all of you keep safe.
    Thanks for the new one. 73 GUD DX

  290. George - KD4QMY said

    Just a quick note to say thanks to Michel, FM5CD, for working with my call and the huge pile-up on March 9th in the 15m band at 16:18UTC. Shortly after he said “KD4 again” I responded immediately with my full call and then he came back with “the KD4 only!” I responded of course with my full call again. As with any pile-up condition hundreds of calls are coming in to him but he managed the frequency / QSO until my full call was exchanged. Great job!

    73 de KD4QMY
    Macon, GA, USA

  291. Rick -N6NKN said

    Worked you on 17 meters using my Clipperton-L amplifier and wearing my TX5C sweatshirt.

    Thanks so much for being there.

    de N6NKN
    Costa Mesa, Ca, USA

  292. Neil Rowe said

    Good Day;

    What a pleasant surprise that you were calling Canadian and Alaskan stations only today. Under very poor conditions I was able to get in the log. For those of us that live in the northern regions of North America it is very hard to compete with stations from the southern latiudes.

    Regards & 73

    Neil VA6AK

  293. Bill VE3EFX said

    Great operation and very pleased to have you calling for Canadian stations.

  294. Ray W8CNL said

    Beautiful operation as expected.
    Have listened quite a bit to the way the operators stick with a callsign until it is all verified.
    To me this is the sign of a very good, seasoned operator !!
    Have a very safe trip home. 73 to all.

  295. Bob k7lay said

    Another fine dxpedition. Don’t envy the rain you had though–

    My hat is off to Ann what a very fine cw operator and for the life of me I don’t know how she kept up that rate she made on 40 mtrs-200/hour
    May you have a safe journey to your respective qth’s

    Bob es 88 to Ann

  296. SWL said

    Wish you guys would work the east coast… I have been on all bands and all you seem to be working is 5, 6, 7’s or Europe and Africa. Give us a chance on the East coast.

  297. I made my first contact to clipperton on 20M this morning. Tnx for being there, and a new one for me. Gud luck and great dxing guys. 73’s Randy-WD8QKQ es 88’s to Ann.

  298. Auntie Jan said

    Hi Alyssa. We miss you and hope you’re having a fun and productive time. Glad you don’t get seasick! I’m glad I get to check out the website. Love, Jan

  299. tom k8vzd said

    This op truly appreciates your efforts.
    tks for a fb opportunity for the rest of us.
    Have fun,, be safe

  300. Anonymous said


  301. Bob W5WSS said

    I am very happy to have worked your dx-Pedition station on 12,15,& 17 meter bands. I am qrp power of 5 watts and use an All band home made 14’x 25′ indoor rectangular shaped loop which is installed on my apartment ceiling. I’ve yet to work you on 20m or 10m but remain confident that I soon will. Thanks for the excellent Dx-pedition! best regards W5WSS Tulsa,Ok. 73

  302. Jim said

    Very nice operation, your signals are strong into NW Florida on all bands. Take care and enjoy the DXpedition. 73’s

  303. I would like to let you know that I worked my first Clipperton Station on 30 meters using a Baby Tarheel on the back of my car parked in the driveway, connected to my icom756proIII in the garage(shack location) whilest I was in the upstairs bedroom…GREAT JOB!!!, second contack came the next day same situation but on 15meters and my first call!!!!
    Thanks for a GREAT Contact

    W4JCM (Go ICOM!!)

  304. Ron N4US said

    My TX5C Coffee Cup Is not helping in the PILEUPS !

  305. Rick AE6RS said

    Thanks Team!!! I worked Clipperton in my jr. high classroom ham station with students all amazed…we then toured your great web site. We appreciate your effort and willingness to endure the hot weather and stressed conditions!! 73 and God Bless!

  306. Patrick Delgado KO6ECV said

    73’s been listin in, great job!!!

  307. Roger Simpson said

    I am new to DX having only taken it up in the last four years. Back in the 1980s I recall a number of my ham friends showing me their Clipperton QSLs after working one of the previous Clipperton operations. I thought at the time, “Wow, how are those guys able to break those pileups and talk to those DXpeditions.”

    Now that I’m retired I’ve caught the DX bug. In the last couple of days, I have worked you on 12m through 80m on SSB, CW, and RTTY from my “average” station. I’m going to be looking for you on a couple of more band slots that I need.

    Thanks for staging a first class operation!

    Thanks for braving rain, lightning, and wind to put Clipperton on the air!

    73 Roger K5RKS Oklahoma City OK

  308. LX1HD Henri said

    mn tnx for 80m contact. Nice signal in Luxembourg in the daylight 59+ at 6:20 UTC.

    nice talking to you, i wish you a lot of sucess on your dx-pedition

    73, de Henri LX1HD

  309. Mark, DL1DSN said

    From your logsearch page:
    “Based on 17262 QSOs from our database, the best time (GMT) to work TX5C from Germany on the following bands is:
    6m downto 17m : 0 QSOs
    20m 1 QSO at 18:00
    30m 11 QSOs around 11:00 UTC (?!)
    40m 15 QSOs around 8:00 UTC – OK may be
    80m / 160m – 0 QSOs
    -> not very useful or are there really so few DL-QSOs in the log ?!?

  310. japan top bander said

    JA hears of your signal very strongly TOP BAND.
    Please hear the frequency down 1810-1825 because of not made of QSO JA that has it.

  311. wv6zrf op=Jay said

    Hearing u 5/7 solid ssb in Ramona,Ca. near San Diego. Hoping to qso soon 73 & Good Luck. jbg. 7.o66.0 mhz.

  312. Bernard F9IE said

    What a surprise you can hear my poor signal on 40m ssb this morning ! Barefoot, 40 meter dipole at 6m agl and a so bad hand microphone . Thank you Laurent, still very open ears !
    Just continue the good job, good luck to everyone, kisses to XYL, and get the fantastic memories I had from 1978 expedition .
    May be catch you from 9X0R in a few days …?
    73 Bernard ex-FO0XE

  313. Vince P - KA3NRX said

    Good to work you on 20 CW. Hope to work you on some other bands and modes before it’s all over. thanks for being there!

    Vince P — KA3NRX

  314. Ray said

    to all on clipperton great job thank you for being there could only imagine the amount of work under such grueling conditions fantasic guys and gals 73 God Bless have fun and be safe sincerley Ray aa2wc

  315. Thank you for hearing me on 40 CW (Straight Key!)
    Pounded the brass for hours (partly sleeping)and you finally heard this low-power bucket of old TV parts attached to a couple of coat hangers! Thanks for the New One. Worth every dit and dah and tired squinty eyes and a sore wrist! Best DX for all And SAFE Travel! Thank you! Steve W. KK2W ex N2VPI 73 73 TU !

  316. Dima, UA3AGW said

    Hi guys! I worked 2 previous FO0 expeditions – FO0CI and FO0AAA in the past and now I am watching an exact repetition of the same scenario. You guys don’t know the real size of Europe.Why other DX’peditions working Stateside as a problemous area are doing a selectable operation for West or East Coast or Central? Here is the same thing with EU from TX5C. EU streches from UK to Urals ( from UTC to UTC +5). Please be aware of it as you give zone 16/17 absolutely no chance – only Western/South EU – F/EA/CT is in your logs. Please use at least 14-15 UTC time period on 20 and 03-04 UTC on LF specially for zone 16 – otherwise you’ll have only 20 Q’s with big guns from this area. Thanks for your understanding and co-operation. 73 and GL from Moscow! Dima, UA3AGW

  317. Dave Weiss said

    Good DX, Great OPs. Sincere thanks for making the trip. Had the pleasure to work you on 80M SSB this morning.

    I hope the rest of the DXpedition is a great success!! Hope to see some of you at Dayton!!

    Best 73

    Dave K3FT

  318. Charlie, WA2HMM said

    Thanks for being there. Hope you have a GREAT time, and take many pictures to share with us all.

    Thanks for the QSO’s 80 SSB, 20 SSB

  319. Thomas said

    Vy weak signals. Hope for 30m QSO at least, pse avoid 10110-10114 as of QRM. Pse go on ! 73 Thomas, DL5MO

  320. Bob Burnett, W7RLB said

    Thanks for the great contacts. Thanks for being there and have a great time.

    Bob Burnett, W7RLB
    Scottsdale, AZ

  321. Thank you for the 3.5 cw contact! Hope contact other bands and modes.
    Dan CX9AU

  322. Ted - KN5O said

    Finally worked you yesterday on 10m SSB for my final band slot. I celebrated and bought a souvenier mug for the shack! Now I can sit back and relax.. Thanks for all your hard work. Continued best wishes for a very successful operation and safe return.

    Ted, KN5O

  323. Steve - IK4DRY said

    Dear boys.. a big beautiful job compliments indeed;

    I hope to listen better to you a the next days on 160m so much to be able to work there also you, in how much in these last two mornings the propagation has been a little generous for us European and I understand you if you mostly devote you to other zones.. Attention to the frequencies 1827 1831 in EU are noisy better other …
    A big wish of good permanence and that everything goes smooth as the oil, the fun will be at the most always and this is also worth that we are on the other side of the planet.

    Thanks to all of you for this gift…. Good Easter

  324. Russ K5OA said

    Keep up the good work and hope to work you this weekend before you leave. Tell ICOM I purchased a 756PROIII sinc ethye sent tehm with you.
    73 and all the best to all the ops. Listen for the weak guys too!

  325. Russ K5OA said

    Love the web site and the log book per map location is outstanding. Keep the Great wook guys on the keyboard!! Really a great tool!

    73, Russ K5OA

  326. JOHN K9UP said


  327. Karl said

    Very poor signal here in AUSTRIA-EUROPE.
    Only 4 caught you.
    Seems that this is not our suxess.
    Please improve signal to europe.
    We all appriciate your effort.

    73, Karl – OE3JAG

  328. Art said

    Thanks for taking your time with a weak one. We appreciate your efforts!

  329. K4ZLE's grandson, Kee, age 6 said

    Hi to Grandpa (K4ZLE Jay) and all your new friends. Hope you and your friends are having a good time Grandpa Jay. I saw your pictures on this website and the big, big boat. I want to go fishing like that lady, Ann, was doing in the picture. Zac, Madison, Jon Mark, Jamie, Haly, Bennett and I love and miss you. Have fun!

  330. Ron Waits (KC0LES) said

    Wish I and my YL were with you on this DXpediation. Love the photo album – it at least allows us to dream about such a trip.

    Good luck to one and all. I happened to be talking with a friend of mine in Indiana, WB0CJB, Paul, and one of you were trying to contact Europe at the time, as such we cut our talk short and listened in – I finally had to turn off and go to a Doctor’s appointment, on 3/11/08 and never learned if contact was made.

    Again, good luck


    Ron – KC0LES
    Wichita, Kansas

  331. Al Olcott said

    K7ICW-Las Cruces,NW

    Heard you with RST 599 signals on 10M CW, Shifted
    to phone and heard your SSB for about 1 minute.
    Hope to work you on 180M CW & SSB. 6M beam is your way in the daytime on the CW frequency.
    Everytihng sounds fine sofar. Be careful and good luck.

    Al Olcott

  332. Harold Rhinehart said

    Thank you for the contact and just being there. Great signal!!!
    N7HLR Harold

  333. Ken Gilcrest said

    I want to really thank the YL operator today (Tuesday March 11, 1852GMT) for pulling out my weak mobile signal on 20 meters.
    It was really a thrill getting through.


  334. pcwiz... said

    This is a really cool site and as a new General, this will be my First HF contact!

    Thanks to all the operators!

    Stay crab-free!

    Pet a boobie for me!!!

    Cheers! 8)

  335. Anonymous said

    1-888-219-9588 bergrata ferstando

  336. f6bcc/Bernard said

    Dear Yls and Oms
    Many thanks Alain F6BFH and to the Team for the contacts today on 7MHZ… with 50watts on a dipole not too High (7m on the top and 2m at the end)…it was early but j was very Happy before going to work..j hope to contact on anothers Bands …It’s the first one for me…
    All he Best to Clipperton’s friends .
    73QRO Bernard in south Charente-Maritime.

  337. Rustam UU2JQ said

    I hope you will give more chances for QSOs with TX5C from WAZ zone 16 on 160m and 80m. Have a nice weather, propagation and pile ups!

  338. TOM said

    Thanks for all time new onw here!!! Great job and thanks to all for gooing there! 73! AA1BQ

  339. oh1jo said

    You have not good enough antennas to be worldwide dx-pedition..(good for short distance to USA only) No signal in Europe, only southern europeans + stations with stacked antennas at good height with 1kw have the chance to try to work you.. Maybe less than 1% of europeans has big enough a station to work you..Better signal wd have been needed from there.

  340. dave said

    Of what I have been reading about your DXpedition it should be called Europeon expedition you are not interested in northern United States or Canada at all. Maybe 0.1% of Canadian and Americans have talked to you. If we had known that the whole intention was to only work Europeons why in the heck are we trying to talk to you. In some of your splits like 20 40 are absolutely ridiculous. 73 Dave from Canada

  341. oh1jo said

    Hey come on dave..This is the worst dxp. since i started here on ham radio.. ducie was not wkd by me at least i could hear them 41 on 20mb ssb.. no signal from Clipperton..Their antennas just dont work dx.. (except 4over4over4 stacks here in N.Europe).. A disappointing activation..Strong enough there in NA as the distance is short.. Ok.. lets wait for the next one..

  342. well so far I can tell you can’t please everyone
    but I know you will try your best, you didn’t go there to do a bad job, some would want to cut your pay, hi, nice to work gud ops, and keep up the gud work, some people just don’t know about following the propagation, so u can’t please all , tnx agn for exellent operation. bill

  343. jerry, N9AVY said

    Sure would be great if you guys work NA when I’m home from work. All I see worked is EU.

  344. Mark WC5M said

    Great DXpedition guys! Got you on 9 Bands CW.

  345. Great to talk to you. Thanks for the contact, you have a great signal into Western Penna.

    73, regards…

  346. Tim/w6rmc said

    Hard work with the huge pile ups, but finally worked you on 30m with <100w. Huge signal on 30m into NORCAL

    Hope to get some more before you go QRT

    73 and good luck


  347. Eduardo said

    This is the worst DXpedition that I have ever see . The operator call only EU. I waited 4 hours to get it and nothing !! A lack of respect for others amateurs around world

  348. Gerard said

    Do you keep the wordt low band operators for the EU-openings ?? A disgrace !!!!

  349. Jan said

    Did you announce that you would have special attention for EU ?? That is why a 18-words CW was spoiling a good opening to EU on 80 this morning ???
    Better spend your money on wine !!!

  350. UT6OO said

    Only W..N..K 😦
    Bad ops! 99

  351. Hello guys

    Hard job to get you on 80m this morning.
    You have good signals on 80/40 but it seems you cannot hear us EU calling you.
    many tks for 30/40/80
    weak signals on 20/17, no copy on 15 and up.
    keep going on
    take care and listen more for DL/EU, hi

    73 de DL5VZ Alexander

  352. Mark, DL1DSN said

    Cannot understand why all the stations complaining the DX-ped calls only EU stations. Sorry guys in US but you can work them all day! In EU there are small windows when propagation allows QSOs. Simply compare the QSO numbers between EU and US …
    On the other hand to call ‘EU only’ means not automatically to work EU…
    The signal on 80m this morning here was extremely poor and therefore no QSO was possible.
    I worked VP6DX on 80m within 5 minits …

  353. JA5AUC said

    PSE JA FREQ is
    160m CW= 1810 – 1825KHZ
    30m RTTY = 10.14O-10.150KHZ

  354. Tom N3ZC said

    Good job guys & gals (despite the adverse conditions!) I managed to snag you on 17M and 20M so far, despite my modest antenna (SteppIR BigIR). The ops are taking their time to get the calls correct. Take care & have a safe trip home!

    73′..Tom N3ZC (East Coast)

  355. Gary W9YZG said

    Thanks to each of you for being there for all us DX’ers. Your heat and rain storms and associated danger, varied propagation worldwide – all equal much hard work for each of you. We pray for your health, safety and safe return home. Around 0400 UTC today here in Wisconsin on 80 meters – heard you on SSB and weaker on CW. I apologize for the few ill mannered USA ops on 80M who ruined QSO opportunities for many here and in EU.
    73 Good Health + God Bless from W9YZG, Gary

  356. Adi DL6RA said

    Hallo over there,
    thank you for your dx-pedition. It was a hard job to get one QSO with you (17m). Hope to get you again on other bands and the best wishes to you all.
    73 de Adi, DL6RA

  357. don ling wb5cko said

    Thanks for a FB QSO on 17 meters. Good sigs Wednesday @ 1550 appx.
    73, don/wb5cko

  358. Captain America said

    Every time, around the clock, every band, every mode, every time, it’s EU EU EU EU EU EU only. Hey folks, there’s a country up here called America that would like to get you in the log. My ass is getting sore sitting in this chair hearing . ..- . ..- . ..- . ..- . ..- . ..- . ..- . ..-

  359. Tom W0MOT said

    Just worked Ann on 17 meters with 100 watts and
    dipole from Minnesota. Ann is a great operator,
    patient and kind!

  360. George - KD4QMY said

    Great job Ann! (WA1S)…keep up the good work! QSO @ 15:39UTC, 17m.

    73 de KD4QMY

  361. Wade - AA8LL said

    I have had great pleasure in working your operation. Of course it is easy from Ohio with a beam and a KW. I know I should use 5-watts and a wire. I am so ashamed. Anyway, after watching your expedition on the air, the internet, and the DX Cluster; I have decided to go to a tropical island myself to operate for a week or so. I’m thinking Maui!


  362. Gene Gabry N9TF said

    Thanks guys and gal for your efforts, they are much appreciated. A bit of a challenge working you on CW with some of your wide splits. I hope the WX cooperates better for your team, and you can make repairs to 15. I still need that band to finish all my band requirements!
    Have fun.
    73 Gene N9TF

  363. Andrew said

    this was my second QSO outside of the US .
    antenna is G5RV at 30 ft with 100 watts .
    good signal into central texas .

  364. Joan EA3GEG said

    Very good job guys, good signals in EU to much QSB, congratulations one more time and good luck, and be careful.
    Joan EA3GEG


  365. South Europe said

    You are loud and easy to work here but you are not able to let NA respecting you. If you call EU after several hours straight of NA, it doesn’t mean you have to give up after a “QRZ EU” just because NA crap code readers keep calling (like tonight on 80cw).

    Dunno if you have troubles with QRN but some ops are showing troubles running some pileups both on high and low bands. I know your crew has 3Y0X XR0X team members and some of them made a ridicolous show in the past, your US fellows have been admitting that.

    you avoid 160m for Europe, why the heck, no experience, no interest, no skill or what?
    Low bands CW operation to EU is generally ridicolous compared to VP6DX.

    Today again a sad day. Do you tune bands or what?? 12m quickly opened and faded to Central America, USA (even Arizona)….band is open since 15z till late with some peaks to Europe, but obviously you avoid it.

    To all the NA guys bitching I suggest you guys to think about VU7, VU4, BS7H, 7O. Hope to you can understand us when it comes to FR/G in May although European operators seem to be MUCH better operating/organizing dxped and run a fair game listening for USA as well (like TO4E/FR-T)….but we should run a dxped focused on Europe which is tough for USA….and we should leave you all bitching and moaning all the time. Then you would understand our frustration!

  366. Bob WA7HYD said

    Our 17m QSO @ 22:36z 03/11/08 was on my SteppIR Big Vertical mounted at 6 inches to your SteppIR beam.

    Was nice getting you and the support ship both in the log this trip.

  367. DON TAYLOR K4KGT said


  368. terry N7LRG said

    thanks for being patient and getting my callsign correct for your log. looks like I’m going to be up at weird hours trying to work you guys on the other bands!

  369. Russell Farrell said

    Thank you for the opportunity to work you on 15,17,20 meters.Looking forward to working you on low bands later tonite.
    73 Russ VE3ELL

  370. Nick said

    thank you for the 59
    nice to work you
    thanks again
    best of 73

  371. KB9BIT said

    I was glad to get you on 40m CW yesterday. I’m sorry to read all the whiners complaining about not getting in the log, but you can’t please everybody. If it was so easy, it would not be much fun. Your efforts are appreciated greatly.

  372. Rich - KY6R said

    Thanks for all band mode slots. Your signals were pounding into the SF Bay Area on most bands!

  373. DaveC - KD1C said

    Best of luck to all and have a safe trip.
    Thanks for what you are doing. 73

  374. Georg-DK7LX said

    Hi folks,

    many thank´s for the QSO´s. I´ve been waiting 8 years now to finally work Clipperton since I missed the one back in 2000.
    Sad to hear about the wx problems over there!
    Have a save journey home then!

    Vy 73! Georg DK7LX

  375. Joe Sanders said

    Hello bill and all members of the DX and Scientific team. Wish you much success and great DX. I have not yet broke through the pile ups but will keep trying.
    Joe Sanders

  376. Dan, N3OX said

    Hey guys, sorry to hear about the rough WX.

    Great job in the face of adversity.

    Thanks for my #300 all time DXCC worked and several bands!


  377. Mike Graham, VE1CTW said

    Since relocating to this new QTH, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to work Clipperton again. Thanks so much for the QSOs. Keep up the good work under what appear to be very trying circumstances. Best 73,
    Mike Graham
    VE1CTW & K7CTW

  378. barry n3pg said

    tnx for the 20m contact, looking for you on 75m, gd lk to you all, stay safe.

    73, barry, n3pg

  379. Rod -- wi8a said


  380. Scott -- KA7NWQ said

    Best wishes for you and the gang on the island. I was able to work you guys on 30 meters this evening and am still smileing about the QSO. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! You guys are doing an awesome job!! I dont care what anyoneelse says. 73’s

  381. Scott Ni9K said

    Fantastic job especially considering the elements you’re dealing with. Thanks for your efforts. Have a safe return…


  383. Ron Schlitzkus W7HO said

    Great operation. CW operators have done a super job. Thank you so very much for putting up with us all. Thanks again

  384. Dirk Reschly N6SUN said

    Enjoyed working you on 80 CW tonight! I hope the weather situation improves for you!

    Dirk / N6SUN

  385. EU-DXer said

    Hi Guys,
    are you able to read a propagation chart? You worked 40 RTTY (mostly US)this morning during the best EU-time, no CW on 40 today. Hear you on 30 now, best EU-time… you are calling CQ-JA. What is your goal? To work as less EU as possible?

    Sorry, but you are far below our expectations!

  386. NE0X Ron said

    great sig on 40 meters mobil. tnx contact and good luck. ron ne0x

  387. Gérard LAFON said


    Message d’encouragements

    Bonjour à toute l’équipe, vous faites du bon trafic quoiqu’en disent certains, laissez les braire ils ne feraient pas mieux que vous et peut être pire.
    Vu dans les conditions dans lesquelles vous trafiquez moi je trouve cela très bien et je sais de quoi je parle 3 cyclones en Guadeloupe et vents très violents à Tahiti

    Je sais aussi qu’il n’est pas toujours facile de piquer des calls dans le pile up que l’on crée surtout lorsqu’il y a des om’s de mauvaise foi qui font plus de qrm que de trafic!!!!!!c’est nouveau et cela ne renforce pas l’image de marque du radioamateurisme ou est passé le ” Ham spirit”
    Votre vie et votre santé sont prioritaires sur le trafic ne l’oubliez jamais
    Voilà ce que je tenais à vous dire continuez comme çà même si je ne vous ai pas contacté sur toutes les bandes j’ai au moins passé des heures à vous écouter durant ces quelques jours

    Merci et Bravo à retransmettre à toute l’équipe
    73 & 88
    Gérard F6IGS ex ……..ceux qui m’ont contacté se souviendront!!!

  388. Tom Jewers said

    Good Luck. Heard you when you asked if 3793 was in use this a.m. but took a few minutes to contact you. Thank You very much for the qso. Can’t wait to get a couple of the expedition shirts for the XYL. 73 de VA1SEA

  389. Frank, EA7NW said

    Many thanks for working me in 40/80 m with G5RV and 100 watts. Best wishes for everybody.

  390. Frank Remington K7GSE said

    Tnx for the nice contact. 3-10-08 22:03 Z 18.130 MHZ 59N signals into the northwest.Keep cool an well 73’s to all of you

  391. Eric said

    Hey guys!

    Sorry to hear about the band weather. Hope you guys don’t have to tuff of a time getting the antenna’s up, and equipment running again.

    Appreciate you guys being there!
    Keep the spirits up and God Bless!


  392. Jan DL9KR said

    Kudos on your skills, perseverance and courage!
    This morning (Mar-13) 160 opened in a great way and the “spotlight” shone on me and other lucky ones.
    Never mind those who critisize you without any knowledge of your problems and Murphy’s way of propagation.
    Lots of fun and a safe trip home!
    73 Jan DL9KR.

  393. Robert Finkelsen said

    You guy did a terrific job working in such adverse conditions. I grew up on a small slice of land on the east coast and lived through several hurricanes and Nor’Easters and I have a slight idea of what you are going through. I understand that you are leaving Saturday morning and I think it’s a good decision. In my years on the ocean, when she becomes angry, then don’t take chances get to a safe harbor.
    Great job, Be safe.

    Bob F

  394. Masset said

    73 à tous

  395. Hank KC2TA said

    After reading the ‘diary’ from Wednesday, I’m astounded that you guys kept things up and running as well as you did, allowing me to make contact!

    Thanks for the new one for me on CW last night (3/12/08) on 15, 17, & 20 meters. My CW only DXCC worked list is growing and I might just get it completed with these QSO’s.

  396. Ron T said

    Good luck & hope to here you on the bands73s kj7pt

  397. Hi,
    very poor condx in North-DL.The 30m Signal is to weak for my FD4 Antenna. To much QRM by Europeans (idiots)on 30m over the whole time.
    Very sorry about that.
    Wilf – dj6tk –

  398. N6BU - Doug (ex-W6HVN) said

    Hi Gang,
    Congratulations on your great DX-adventure to Clipperton 2008.
    Weather patterns have obviously changed since I was there in 1978.
    We had calm weather until last day getting off Clipperton. Wind and surf came up making it a challenge to get rubber boats full of equipment over outer reef.
    Protect your feet and legs from coral injuries. They take a long time to heal. I still have the scar from the outer reef. Do not jump or fall into the water once outside the outer reef. We had a huge Great White shark hiding under the boat waiting for a “meal”. Have fun and a safe return.
    73 to all hands, Doug – N6BU (ex-W6HVN) Clipperton 1978

  399. HILLY-BILLY said








  400. OE5CSP said

    I know you are trying to please everybody, but getting you is not easy for me.Sigs were better at the beginning of the week-but I could not get through and break the pile up with a W3DZZ and a 3el beam.At the moment I can´t hear anything from you and it seems that condx are very bad today again.I won´t give up and I do hope to get a contact with you.
    Have a save trip!!


  401. Eric MARTIN--k7abv said

    Thanks for the wonderful job under terrible weather!!!those that gripe need to be their and see how tuff it gets hi…safe trip home and hang in their…k7abv..a trip you will remember for sure..prop not so hot, but you can’t change that..

  402. Robert Sander said

    TX5C guys & gals,
    Good job under adverse conditions! Have a safe trip home.

  403. WA3ETD said

    Tnx smooth operation! The ops are really professional in confirming a questionable call.
    FB de WA3ETD

  404. Anonymous said

    nortida 1-888-219-9588 ferstandoa

  405. Mark W0LM said

    Tnx for QSO’s. Good signals in Minnesota on all bands except 10 meters. You are doing well with difficult conditions. Hope you have a safe trip home.


  406. ab2tc - Knut Spang said

    Pileups must have eased up a little bit so I managed to work you on 17m yesterday with 100W and a G5RV dipole. Superb ops, every one of you. It’s a shame with the anonymous posters and their SCREAMING venom.

    73, AB2TC

  407. F2VX - Gérard said

    J’ai suivi Joël F5PAC ce matin pendant plusieurs heures sur 7 mcs SSB. Superbe trafic avec EU et Ja, n’en déplaise à certains. Vous faites le maximum et c’est très bien…Attention pour quitter l’île, et bon retour…On se voit à Freidrickshafen…Merci pour QSO (Ann) sur 18 et 14 ssb. Sur 40m moi ou F2DX ?
    Bravos à toute l’équipe. Vous êtes des pro!

  408. Owen said

    Thanks for the great work. Appreciate the contacts. Owen, K3CB

  409. Charlie, WA2HMM said

    I hate to say it guys/gals… “B U T”…

    All other DXpeditions take note,

    the TX5C website, is “NOW” the ‘STANDARD’..

    Darn it is GRRRRRRReat

    it’s going to be hard to beat !!!

  410. Between the high temperature, high humidity and lightning you guys and gals are risking life and limb to bring us a new one. Thanks much!!!

    Just ignore the LIDS who have misbehaved on the air and also the unkind remarks on the DX spots. It’s sad but ham radio operator behavior (especially in the U.S.) has reached a new low during your DXpedition.

    73 & God Bless,
    Thomas F. Giella, KN4LF
    Lakeland, FL, USA

  411. Dear Team Members,
    What a wonderful, exciting, and dangerous thing you have done for us all. Thank you so! Had nice SSB QSO with Ms Anne WA1S and a CW QSO(? op) as FO5A/MM on your ship as well as 40m CW (straight key with 100 watts and a low dipole)with Mr Laurent F6FVY on Clipperton Atol as TX5C Merci Beaucoup Mr Laurent! Thank you again to ALL ! Please have SAFE Travel home. Bon voyage e merci beaucoup !
    73 TU DE KK2W ex N2VPI TU
    Steve W.

  412. Hi folks. Just wanted to say waht a wonderful you all are doing, and to let you know that I really appreciate your efforts on the behalf of our wonderful hobby!


  413. Michiel, PG4M said

    Hello expeditioners,

    It was extremely difficult to reach you. Conditions to the northern half of EU have not been very good…..

    Please focus on the short openings that take place. You have missed a few of them.

    Thanks a lot for all your efford to give us a ‘new one’.

    Have a safe trip home.

    73 Michiel, PG4M

  414. Joe Europe said

    The problem with this operation is:

    1. Happening after VP6DX
    2. Low skilled operators

    They want at all costs to come close in terms of QSOs, so they work USA, USA, USA, USA.

    It is ridiculous to hear them in Southen Europe on 17 and 15 and even 12, loud (s5-7) and just work USA USA USA USA.

    Really a miserable show.
    I’m sure all three are doing their best, but their best is not enough. It’s very very poor.

    Oh well, perhaps its better to have the poorest operators in the world there than none at all.

    A sad week for DXpeditioning indeed.

  415. Hans said

    I did need you on 18 mc, and 160 meters. However NO propagation on 18 mc,,,and no way on 160 meter as you were too weak for northern Eu.
    Thanks anyway for trying so hard, and I hope next
    one to Clipperton will have better wx and condx. Its NOT your fault.I did NOT call you on 20 or 30 meters as I have already Clipperton confirmed on these bands. I had a qso on 7 mc ssb,wanted a CW qso on 7 mc CW,BUT because some reason I dont understand you went qrt on wednesday around 1000 gmt ( when you were 579 in EU) ,and on thursday you made rtty on 7 mc.A little strange,but I am sure you have an explanation.TKS anyway for putting your money into it, and we see you next time.IF we dont need anything,we have nothing to look forward to. Just a little one,,,,,WHY do all BIG GUNS need a qso on 14 mc ,WHEN THEY ALREADY have Clipperton cfmd on 14 mc???? Therefore the new hams NEVER have a chance to get thru,,,,thats in my opinion MUCH WORSE, than NOT beeing heard in Scandinavia because conditions

    73 de SM6CVX Hans

  416. Steve said

    Great effort…despite inclement wx, damaged antennas, downed generators, you’re all forging ahead…my compliments. Glad to have worked you on 15 mtrs.

    73 Steve W8FCD S. Lyon, MI

  417. Mitch said

    Great Dxpedition with proficient ops. Keep going guys!…..WB0GKH

  418. Frank Remington K7GSE said

    Tnx Ann great signals into the northwest this afternoon 3/13/08 19:39 Z 21.295 MHZ Keep cool an well 88’s

  419. Dennis said

    Kudos to the TX5C operators, who remained calm and professional even in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity. Thanks for everyone’s hard work and safe journey home.

    KI5IK (New Mexico)

  420. Rich Beisigl said

    Thank you for the great operation. I am very impressed with the way your operators are handling the large pie ups, as well as letting the weaker stations have a chance to work your operations.
    I was able to work your operator on 14.182, and made contact just after my second call to him.
    Thank you again for the great operation.
    Rich Beisigl, N6NKJ

  421. Michal WA6RZ said

    Sorry to hear about your WX and equipment issues. PLEASE stay safe, that is the most important thing you can do. It was harder working TX5C then I expected, but it was great fun! Thanks for the 5 band/modes. Keep up the good work under rough conditions, and ignore the critics. It easy being an arm chair DXpeditioner with no clue as to what it is like on location. The real hard work is pulling off a DXpedition and getting everyone home safe.

    I hope to work your operators again on a future trip. I hope the team has calm seas, blue skies, easy travels, and good memories of the DXpedition.

    Michal WA6RZ

  422. All the best and have a good time on the BIG SAND BAR. you guys are doing a GREAT job with all the Pile ups With the all the fruits and nuts. It took me 4 days to wotk. ,went to all the bands and got in on 17m now waiting to see my call in the log book..
    All the best K6JYG Scotty

  423. Ron Cable said

    I love camping,even primitive camping,but your stay on the island is the ultimate.I bet the sky at night is filled with stars.Really appreciate the work you are doing out there.Forget all the negative comments.If the band aint open to europe it aint open so you move to where the band is open.Have a safe trip home
    73 WA5NEX

  424. Roger K6LMN in Los Angeles said

    Thnak you so much for 5 bands on SSB with my 100W and a vertical. Good solid sigs. Great handling all the pileups also. BUT PLEASE ANNOUNCE “NO TUNEUPS OR TRANSMISSIONS ON TX5C XMIT FREQUENCY! PLEASE TUNE UP OFF MY FREQUENCY AND TRANSMIT UP!” I could could hardly hear my call thru all the garbage on your xmit frequency.
    Look forwrd to seeing the Clipperton Gang next month in Visalia DX Convention.
    73s Roger K6LMN

  425. not amused said

    LID’s….sorry, but it’s the worst dxpedition ever!! Propagation for EU – you not accept EU-QSOs or you’re not on air. Start: 2 days later – End: too early. IT’S JUST LIKE JOKE!!!!

  426. KD4QMY - George said

    Thanks again for a great contact! 13 MAR 08, 21:49UTC 20m band.

    73 de KD4QMY
    Macon, Georgia USA

    ps: just received my TX5C coffee mug and it looks GREAT!

  427. not amused said

    sri: JUST LIKE A JOKE!!!

  428. not amused-2 said

    sri: JUST LIKE A JOKE!!!!

  429. Parker Bishop N4PB said

    N4PBGood job!

  430. Math JW5NM said

    After 50.000 qso from TX5C they still have not work us in ZONE 40. No TF JW OX or R1FJL in log.
    Condx must be terrible have heard them once on 14025 with 428 aurora flutter signal.

    If the exp try to do more qso than VP6 I understand why the mainly work US-stn.

    Have a safe return back home

  431. Jay - AF2C said

    Great Job! Have a safe trip home.




  433. Math JW5NM said

    Latest log search 0 QSO with ZONE 17-22-36 and 40. While less than 10 qso with Zone 21-23-34-35-37-39.
    About 35.000 qso with Zone 3-4 and 5, EU about 7000, JA 3700. Very, very few top band QSO to EU.
    Condx must take some of the blame, but with 7 ops from France they should probably know where to beam for EU??

  434. James KC5LDO said

    I really appreciate all the effort it took to make the Clipperton DXpedition possible. Great job! Thanks for the contacts. I’ve heard all bands but 160.

  435. Weymouth Walker said

    I keep seeing comments about KEYERS suffering fatal failures … doesn’t the team realize the IC-756 P-3’s have BUILT-IN KEYERS?

    At any rate, thanks for a great effort under difficult (environmental) circumstances …

    73, Wey …

  436. Juan Carlos Alonso said

    Hello team :

    Thank you very much to live and allowme make the art of dxing with DX epdition Cliperton 2008.

    Congratulations , good luck , amd have a good time to go back at home.

    Juan LU2DVI/H

  437. Andrew said

    you were my 2nd contact outside of the US . thanks .

  438. Thank you. Your efforts to set up an expedition and survive the weather conditions that you had are greatly appreciated. Many thanks for providing this DX opportunity to the world. My hat is off to you. Thanks again. Russ K8qf.

  439. Dennis Gazak, N3DG said

    Thank you very much for the privilege of working all of you on this outstanding DXpedition.

    Great Job and Thank You for making it happen.

    Get Rest, Welcome Home and God Bless,


  440. What a surprise! Mobiling along in North Texas and there was only one signal on the ten meter band.
    Surprise number two! He came back to me with an s9 report. Then I went up on 6 meters hopping for surprise #3. No luck.

  441. J. R. House, K9HUY said

    Thank you so much for what you have done and are doing now. Sorry about all the WX problems. I think you are doing a fantastic job considering what you have been through. I pray that you will have a safe trip home. 73, JR

  442. Dave Weiss said

    Thank you all for the great work that you have done and continue to do. I have followed the DXPedition from the beginning and worked you on the ship. The WX problems have been an issue but the professional methods and deivery have been the best under severe conditions.

    I have had the pleasure to work your stations 7 times and have enjoyed the challenge of the pileups! Hope to see you at Dayton!!

    Thank you so much!!

    Best 73 Dave K3FT

  443. Jerry said

    Blessings to ALL team members!

    I’m honored and pleased to have my
    2nd contact with Clipperton 2008!

    Second contact: 3/14/08

    What an incredible job you are all doing!

    Another donation in my QSL to John, N7CQQ.

    Safe trip home.

    Jerry Page
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  444. John VE3CCT said

    Hi Guys and Gals , had to do a double check on that one , thanks for 15 / 17 / 20 meters today , all in 10 min.s . Will look for you on the other bands , not bad when a 100 station gets through the pile ups . Great work all of you are doing on that Island , but can I send some of this snow from Ontario , Canada to you ,hi hi . Keep up the good work and have a great trip and safe one home . 73’s de VE3CCT John

  445. Wolf said

    On of the badest show however.
    Many Openings into Europe missed – 100.000 Qsos ??
    Never reached only 40.000 Qsos with US Stations.
    Each day the best shot into the difficult areas
    to EU were on 40 Neters – never on band when sunset or sunrise.
    Ducie Team please come back.

  446. Rony FG5FU said

    Good luck in the dxpedition Clipperton Atoll 2008. I hope to work you on the all HF bands.
    Tnx for the qso.

    73 de Rony, FG5FU

  447. Bob (w6zap) said

    Thanks to all the men and women who
    put up with some very tough conditions
    to do this DXpedition.
    I salute you!!!

  448. f5ufx Seb said

    Conditions seems to be very hard, even with weather or propagation but you give us a few QSOs Congratulations and thank you very much!

    73’s de Seb, f5ufx

  449. KC0RQH Dan said

    I give up, I’ve heard you on several bands, but always Europe, Europe, QRZ Europe! I worked VP6DX on 12, 15, 17, 20, 40, and 80, but you guys just aren’t in the same class!

  450. Bil K6KN said

    Thank for 25 wpm CW (yeah, I know your keyers were broken). Too many DXpeditions run 35+ wpm. Higher speed excludes the newer operators and AND causes more requests for fills on calls. Everybody was solid at the slower speeds. Bill K6KN

  451. f6bcc/Bernard said

    Dear OMs and YLs
    J am very happy to get a contact today on 7063 this morning for us with ten watts and the dipole 7m on the top and 2m at the end!j expect to get a contact on 3,5Mhz!j heard you 53 on the same dipole…
    Merci beaucoup et tous mes félicitations.

  452. f6bcc/Bernard said

    Dear Oms and Yls
    Many thanks for the contact on 7mhz with ten watts and a little dipole at 7m at the top and 2m at the end!
    j heard you o 3,5 53 this day!
    Merci Beaucoup

  453. LAVAL Pierre fF2NH said

    Tks very much for your Expedition, nice to have meet you( also in CW with great patience of all cw operators…Hi) you have done a wonderful job in spit of conditions. Congratulations to all.

  454. Carl Jonsson said

    Thank you for trying so hard to work Europe.
    But try earlier on tb/80 mtrs. Sun comes up around 5Z.
    73 SM6CPY

  455. I want to congratulate all of you that gave a great effort under very difficult conditions – propagation and weather – and tried so hard to accommodate everyone. I do think it is a bad idea to publish the “band slots” and “leaders” so as to encourage many multiple QSOs while many have such a difficult time getting even one contact. I have Clipperton confirmed on all but the WARC bands, so basically did not call, but listened as you worked under difficult conditions. It seems to me that those that have it on the wall should clear the way for those who NEED the contact (for a new country, or even for a new band/entity), and cut the QRM and competition for those that might otherwise have little chance. This should be a gentleman’s (or gentle woman’s) activity. When the country is quite rare, the big guns should save their firepower!

    Thanks again for your effort, hardships, and expense and have a safe trip to your homes – 73 es good DX

  456. F6DDR said

    L’expédition tire à sa fin, je veux saluer tous les opérateurs de TX5C 2008 pour leur courage et leur volonté de satisfaire tout le monde, malgré de très mauvaises conditions météo, vents violents, pluie et chaleur étouffante difficilement supportable avec un taux d’humidité très élevé, une propagation pas au rendez vous et des conditions de réception laborieuses sur les bandes basses.

    Je déplore et condamne tous ceux qui se sont acharnés à faire du QRM volontaire pour empêcher tous contacts, je condamne les Starsky et Hutch qui ont joué les pseudos policiers en augmentant le QRM suffisamment important sans eux.

    Les comportements précités sont la honte du radio amateurisme, alors qu’une poignée d’OM font le maximum dans des conditions épouvantables pour satisfaire l’ensemble des radioamateurs de la planète à contacter Clipperton. C’est un manque total de respect envers les acteurs de l’expédition.

    Voilà 40 ans que je suis radioamateur jamais je n’ai connu des agissements aussi abjects que depuis ces toutes dernières années, la démocratie tue la démocratie, la mentalité des radioamateurs nouvelle génération est devenue pourrie et égocentriste.

    Voilà ou nous ont menée les Licences bradées accessibles sans fournir d’effort ni volonté d’arriver à un BUT ni passion, que ce soit de F0 à bandes HF. La station carnet chèque, sans oublier l’abondance de Clusters qui à leurs origines étaient là pour aider le trafic DX, ils sont devenus le repère des REQUINS d’eau douce sans foi ni loi. Requins qui sans clusters ne seraient que des alevins par leur incapacité et incompétence à trafiquer sans assistance. Je constate que ça va avec le reste de la société actuelle.

    Merci à toute l’équipe TX5C, bravo les gars
    Phil F6DDR

  457. G0RPA Ian said

    congrats ladies and gents on a great job, under adverse conditions and at sunspot minimum, thanks for the 40m cw qso ann and all with a dipole and 100w at my end safe trip home 73s ian

  458. IZ2ACF Fabio said

    Thank you so much to you all for the contacts,great dxpedition in a such bad weather condition. Have a safe way back home.73’s

  459. Thanks for working so hard on this expedition. It seems the weather has given you just one more challenge this time! I really appreciated the effort you made to work EU. Thanks again, and have a safe trip home.

  460. EU - DX - OM said

    no ears, no talent, no concept…nothing!!

    160m: inv.L / shuntfeed / 750w – not to work
    80m: inv.L / Loop / shuntfeed / 750w – not to work
    40m: 3el yagi / vertikal / 750w – not to work
    30m: 3el yagi / vertikal / 750w – not to work
    20m: 5el yagi / vertikal / 750w – not to work
    17m: 5el yagi / vertikal / 750w – not to work
    15m: 5el yagi / vertikal / 750w – not to work

    Did you read the propagation? I don’t think so.
    Why you don’t work CW on 40m for about two or three days? Only SBB and RTTY…
    Why you call “EU” only when propagation goes down?
    It’s the worst dxpedition I’ve ever seen!!!!
    Why you go home yet? Why you won’t be there till monday? … Ok, perhaps it’s better…

    I’m not amused about your work…


    With my working-conditiones, there was no chance to make a QSO with you….that can’t be?!?!?!?!

  461. Bill Horner said

    The lounge lizard operators that have made unnecessary discusting comments on here and the dx summit need to get off their collective arses and try to operate from a rare dangerous uninhabited island. Perhaps then they will fully appreciate exactly what the team actually managed to achieve under some very dangerous conditions. Almost all dxpeditions to islands will bring the best unstuck as we have no control over the WX let alone the propagation.
    Granted there were times that the operators missed some EU openings but THEY paid their money and they went and they can hold their heads up high. No they did not achieve all that they wished for, but they gave it their all…… so before you ridicule them, remember that atleast they are not sitting in the comfort of their lounge cuddling loved ones but braving the elements to give as many as possible a new one. I would like to congratulate all who participated in this venture and wish them a safe passage home and trust that they will not let the shameful comments dappen their spirits.
    A special congrats to all the YLs that went along.

  462. Ady YO2NAA said

    Trying hard to work you with 200W and dipole, propagation is very bad. Please restore the 40m CW, maybe the only chance for some small pistols like me. Would be nice to announce and work only unique calls from now, in the last days of the expedition, to give a chance to everybody.
    Have a safe trip home.

    73 Ady YO2NAA

  463. Tom N3ZC said

    Have a safe trip home guys..and thanks for the effort!

    73..Tom N3ZC

  464. Anonymous said

    What a joke!!
    No wonder stuff is getting torn up, look at the pics and the cw “tent”

  465. ab2tc - Knut Spang said

    No ears? I worked you yesterday on 20m and you were barely audible here in CNY and yet you copied my signal sent with a 100W and a dipole! I see I am in the log this morning. The anonymous postings in this gues tbook are appalling. I suggest in the future a valid callsign be required and maybe even registering users with a password sent by E-mail. It’s a pity you have to leave early with much work unfinished, but we understand.

    73 ab2tc

  466. KK5FOX Stuart said

    Thanks for the QSOs. I appreciate your hard work and time. Have a safe return,

    73 Stuart

  467. Ken.Barnett said

    Great job in difficult conditions,thank you very much.Sorry to hear of all the problems with the weather and equipment going down.Once again thank for the 80 and 40 meters.
    73 Ken G0HOF

  468. mason dixon said

    I am simply amazed at the number of folks who are compaining on this guestbook. These guys and gals spent their money, took their time and are dealing with unpredictable weather. If all of you who are belly aching can do better–then plan the next trip to the island.

    I want to extend my thanks to all who made the trip and safe travel back home!

  469. Dr. Michinobu Doi JO3GZH said

    Hello everybody on Clipperton Atoll!!
    I feel very happy having a QSO with you.
    On the 40meter band you were almost every time 59 or 599 here in Japan! I worked you with my 100Watts output into a dipole-antenne.
    Thank you very much for QRV from Clipperton Atoll and a safe trip home!
    88 and 73 de JO3GZH Michi Doi

  470. Jim Neese WB9AZA said

    Great dxpedition(7 bands)even with all the weather related problems and some very rude hams who think they can do it better.
    Best wishes

  471. Daniel said

    Merci à:

    F5JY 17 CW,
    F6FVY 40 CW,
    F5PAC 40 SSB, et sa patience…
    F5AHO 80 PH,
    A toutes et à tous.

    Seulement 100 watts et dipôles.

    Daniel F5CT

  472. Must have been a difficult dx-pedition. Thank.
    Worked you on 80/40/30/17m tnx
    …but why using 14197 SSB. In EU there is that stupid thing happening on 14195 and everyone should knows that!!!

    73 Andy HB9CVQ

  473. Noel Stowe W4HOZ said

    Great Job. Superb dxpedition. Worked all bands. Have a safe trip back.

  474. Jim W5QM said

    Thanks for a new one, eight bands and three modes, all while balancing life and radio. I’m not retired! Maybe when I am, I too can experience life from the other side of the qso.

  475. Ichiro said

    I called you over 10 hours(!) for “ONE” RTTY QSO on 20, 30 and 40m.
    But,,, my dream was not come true…
    It was hardest RTTY for my DX life.
    I hate unnecessary slot game, your bandplan and everytimes USA walls.

    (e.g.) You always QRVed 7037 and UP for 40m RTTY.
    JA’s allowed RTTY freq is 7025-7045 only.
    Too many JAs must call on only 7KHz spread.
    (above 7045 are illegal!)
    I think it is very nonsense law.
    But law is law… 😦

    Click to access JAbandplan.pdf

    Please more understand radio situation of foreign countries before trip.

  476. Ulf said

    The problem is the BIG GUNs. They dont support new hams by stealing QSOs from them on bands they allready has confirmed. Dont have a LEADERBOARD on your website, that encourage this behavior.
    On rare DXCC the goal shold be to get as many hams as possible a new one, and not to give the BIG GUNs as many bands/modes as possible.
    No luck 6el/700W 2o hours 73 de SA3ANZ

  477. Charlie, WA2HMM said

    Thanks for getting me back on HF, although I did have to climb on the roof during rain storms to run wires for 80 and 20; but at least you heard me on my 100 watts.

    Hope this finds you at home, safe-n-sound, warm and toasty.

    Thanks again for a NEW-ONE.

  478. Mike Hunt said

    Top 10:
    1) Arrived late
    2) Left early
    3) Rag-chewed with friends frequently
    4) Called “EU only” for up to 6 hours on a given band
    5) Waited up to 2 minutes between finding EU’s to work instead of 3-4 Q’s per minute, worldwide
    6) Used “segregation” methods instead of “elimination” methods of q’s. (e.g. EU only; VE only; W6 only, etc.)
    7) Poorly grounded stations
    8) Stated 100k Q’s as goal; left with half
    9) QRV on fish beacon frequencies on 160 m
    10) Failed to understand allocations, propagation
    You decide.
    Why don’t I go if I can do better? No, that’s not the point. As Dirty Harry says: “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Evidently, TX5C did not evaluate theirs adequately prior.
    Very happy I worked Clipperton in the past; therein lies the knowledge TX5C ignored.
    Very sad.

  479. Joe dj6am said

    Hello Guys, propagation not the best in EU but pile up handling have alsonot the best hands you should ask someone who kows ( like VP6DX Crew)before you make such a topten DXCC aktivation.

  480. Ordinary HAM said

    Fish’ing and DX’ing incompatible!!!

  481. We are listening you very strong in in SA, it is not very easy to mark with TX5C, but we understood all the difficulties that are passing. In any way, congratulations for the expedition and the effort of everybody, thank you very much and good it supplies until the end of the expedition.


    Baependi Scouts Team

  482. Alvaro said

    TNX fer 5 bands !!

    Good Luck !!


  483. HANK W0CZE said


  484. JW5E said

    Clipperton must be the best “Worked All States” (WAS) expedition ever!! 80-85% USA stn worked.
    For us in Zone 40 (TF OX JX JW R1FJL) ZERO qso!!

  485. Laco OK1AD said

    Dear Friends! Thank you very much to my NEW ONE
    to DXCC, its for me last but one. It was difficult from middle Europe, but I have 3 QSO with TX5C. Have a good trip back to home.
    Best regards to all from Laco , OK1AD.

  486. Hey, you guys are doing a super job!!
    thanks for lots of fine contacts!!! Have a safe journey back home… Great ops!!
    ps: don’t pay any attention to the few whiners/weiners on the spotting nets… 73 dick

  487. zach and caleb k8lee grandsons said

    hey papaw wayne-sorry about all the people who like to complain. get back home safe

    love zach and caleb

  488. Curt KB5JO said

    Tnx new one! You folks doing wonderful job!

  489. Charlie N5BLY said

    It never ceases to amaze (or disgust) me how malcontents always seem to crawl out from under their rocks to judge, complain, or otherwise wine (this word is spelled that way to honor the French members of the team) and cry at the expence of other’s time, effort, and $$$!!!

    If the Lord, Himself, while walking across the Clipperton Atoll Lagoon…making simultaneous QSO’s on all bands using all modes to all zones…commanded sunspots appear; the Ionosphere cooperate; the WX clear; all lids and “band police” experence unrepairable equipment failure at the same time, and assuring everyone would receive a QSL card within 24 hours without requiring SASE’s, Greenstamps, properly stamped IRC’s, or for that matter – a mandatory $5 donation!!!

    The malcontents would still complain, saying, “Making contact with this DXpedition was too easy! Why don’t you people make it more of a challenge by opperating from North Korea with a Dixie cup and string…all the while, wearing red, white, and blue T-shirts that say,’KIM JONG-iL SUCKS GUTTER WATER!’

    My hat is off to all team members of the TX5C DXpedtion for a job well-done! May your journy home be safe with fare seas and pleasent memories!

    73 from N5BLY

  490. ERIC said

    Merci à toute l’équipe TX5C, bravo
    73 from F5BZB Eric

  491. Randy said

    Hey we were wondering if WA1S is operating cw in a bikini in all that heat? Great photo op! She is a great cw op, enjoyed working you all. Have a safe trip home. 73 fr Randy K5SL

  492. Dieter - K3DK said

    Congratulations on the excellent progress that you’ve all achieved on this DXpedition!

    You had some incredibly rough and dangerous weather. plus some equipment failures, poor band conditions and uncomfortable temps.

    BUT… you pulled it off and did very well.

    Thanks again, to all for your tremendous efforts!

    – 73 Dieter K3DK

  493. ab2tc - Knut Spang said

    Well said, N5BLY. In my view the Clipperton team were extremely competent operators, heroically trying to work more Europeans than conditions and geography allowed, irritating the American malcontents in the process and still not pleasing the European ones. This really have to stop, or we will simply not have anybody wanting to join DXpeditions anymore. I wish the team well and hope they have a save and happy journey home.


  494. Brad said

    Thanks for being there. It sounds like you have had some really bad weather to contend with. Having been in the military and having weather take down tents, antennas and other items stuck up in the air, I can attest that it’s frustrating and detracts from the mission at hand. Thanks for hanging in there and being there for us through the challenges. Thanks for the new one, I appreciate it! Have a safe trip home!

  495. tom k8vzd said

    Thanks to all of you for this effort.
    It’s too bad you had to contend with such bad wx conditions.
    Don’t let the “grumbling lids” get you down,, many many of us appreciate your time and efforts.
    Thanks again.
    73 Tom

  496. Brian KP2HC said

    Safe trip home my friends.

  497. Robert Curtis KE5LYW said

    Greetings from South Texas. I managed to get through on my buddipole portable with 100 watts, towards the end of the QRV period,,,,catching the Big Guns napping, the same way I slipped through the cracks for the VP6DX a couple of weeks ago. Gud ears, good OP. I know I would have heard the hammering of the dismantling of the stations in the background, but I was on CW. Hope the Pacific swells aren’t too uncomfortable for the ride home. Merci beau coups for first rate DX. HPE CU AGN HF CW 73 de Bob KE5LYW

  498. Bruno F5JYD said

    Bonjour à tous
    Clipperton, certainement le dx qui fait réver le plus les français ! Merci de cette expédition car ce fut un réel plaisir de vous écouter et de vous contacter.
    Amitiés, Bruno F5JYD

  499. wayne w4wrl said

    thanks for the new one

  500. Mark OH3LX said

    To TX5C team
    Must be hard on this low level propagation. Best signal has been on 30 m CW, where you are very seldom.
    80m peak is on R5 lvele only few minutes, mosly 339-449 around 04 z Plese repeat in EU QRM calls on low propagation.
    Either antennas or propagation are your problem for Scandinavian QSOs. Please keep trying on 80/30 m, where you are most wanted DX objects.

  501. Joe Lively - KJ5FS said

    Thanks to all for a great event. I managed to contact the station on 3 bands with indoor antennas! I heard you on two tohers, but haven’t made it in. All DXpeditions should be so well conducted. 73, Joe.

  502. Markus - YO3/DL4AAZ said

    Hi there,

    thanks for your efforts, I see it must have been rather difficult for you there and I admire you for your fantastic DXpedition. Unfortunately I couldn’t work you from YO at all, I couldn’t even hear you properly due to condx. Was the same with FO0AAA when I managed at least one QSO. No problem, another day another time. Get home well and thank you again. Best 73s from Markus, YO3/DL4AAZ

  503. Stuart Drennan said

    Tried to make contact but conditions my side not condusive for DX.73’s ZS-6-SWD

  504. Fu Leung said

    Greetings to all of you wonderful Dx operators.It was a great pleasure working your stations Clipperton Atol 2008.What was good also with your team of operators!They spoke other languages which i noticed help with the contact.Also the American operators knew how to work dx stations in a relax sitituation,they knew when to switch&ballance the regions of the world.I thank all of you who made this posible for others in the radio Ham hobby to enjoy operating a few distant stations world-wide.Best 73’s and have a safe flight back to your countries.KI4MZS

  505. Rick/PY1VOY said

    Thanks for the QSOs. Hope you have a safe return home.


  506. Harm said

    Here is a “Thank-you for a new one!” from a little guy. Thirty years ago (when I was just getting interested in amateur radio) Clipperton was a real
    big dx event and it is again. I had hoped to just get into the log book and I did (20M) and heard you on 80M, 40M and 17M but pile ups were to big for a small station like mine. Thanks for putting your lives, time and finances on the line for this great hobby of ours. This little guy has really appreciated the effort and enjoyed the the challenge in trying to break the pile ups. May God be with all of you and bring you all home safely to your families and friends.

  507. Andy DK2CF said

    many thanks for a new one. I missed my QSO on 80m and 30m in the online log. Hope it will be ok.

    thanks and 73s
    Andy DK2CF

  508. Thanks Folk for a great Dxpedtion some of the best ops i heard. I Was able to work you on 6 bands on my B and W folded Dipole and the 100 watts from my 706m2g from SW Okla, Great Job again have a save trip home.

    Wade Norris
    Voice of the Army

  509. Jeff - K9JP said

    Greetings ALL!

    Just wanted to say Thank You for the contacts I have made with you.
    Everyone of you has done a Fantastic job. I hope someday there will
    near real time photos and news updates during an expedition. It was exciting to hear you tell about the storms coming and what had happened after them. Hope, there will be video.

    There were times when propagation was very poor here in Michigan,
    but you were able to hear me. I am sorry, if I did make you repeat my
    report but, you all were very kind and helpful. I did learn that waiting
    a few days after your start, and using gray-line on the lower bands

    73, Good Health, and Safe Return to ALL!
    Jeff – K9JP

  510. Have worked your fine CW operators on two bands. Trying to get you on 80 & 160. Hope you have a save trip and thanks for the opportunity to work one of the TOP 100 DX stations.

    Bill Spencer
    US Navy Submarines Retired

  511. Randy, ND0C said

    Thanks for being there and dealing with the conditions: bad weather and poor propagation. You were an all-time new one for me – and on QRP. Thanks for #303 on QRP! I missed you on 40 and 10 despite really trying – pile-ups were just too tough. But you were able to hear my 5 watts on 80, 30, 20, 17 and 15 and both modes – thank you! (I assume my 30 meter contact, which was the last one, will eventually show up in the on-line log.)

    There were times when I thought TX5C ops should have announced listening frequencies more often. Some rarely (sometimes not once in 30 minutes time) did this, especially on SSB early in the operation. If it hadn’t been for the packet spots, I wouldn’t have known where to call.

    But thanks again for a great effort, activating a very rare one, and making a lot of DXers happy. Good job!

    73, and safe travels,
    Randy, ND0C (QRP)

  512. HR1/K2LCT Dick Pache said

    Thanks for all the hard work and the good job!
    Ham Radio is a little better for it.

  513. F5LVL .Fernand said

    Expé terminée, repos bien mérité pour toute l’équipe.Dans des situations très dures vous avez fait un excellent travail,bravo a toutes et a tous,sans oublier les scientifiques.Merci pour les 5 bandes et les 9 qso.Que d’heures passées le casque sur les oreilles, guettant le moindre signal et je salue ici F6BFH et F5PAC pour les “splits départementaux” !! en phonie et pour la voix percant le qrm d’Anne WA1S sur 20 m/ssb et a F2JD caché derriere son manip sur 20m CW.Peut etre a bientot sur un rare DXCC. Bon retour sur la terre ferme de San Diego 73/88 à tout le team.
    Fernand. F5LVL

  514. Thanks for all your efforts. It’s unfortunate the WX did not cooperate. Wind, rain, heat and humidity sounded pretty rough.

    I finally got you on 40 SSB in the last 30 minutes of your event. I listened for hours to S9+ signals while you gave EU a chance. It’s always frustrating BUT I’m glad you worked the propagation and gave them an opportunity as well.

    Given the conditions, an excellent job. Safe trip home and again thanks.


  515. Sincere thanks to ALL of you fine operators… Amazed how you did it in the heat, wind rain and rig problems … a GREAT job and a BIG thanks from an old guy

    73, Claude

  516. Ned N4LS said

    Thank you for the QSOs. You guys did great! I worked you on 6 bands from my mobile station using a Kenwood TS480SAT with 100 watts.
    God Bless you all and have a safe trip home.
    73, Ned N4LS

  517. Jim, W3QY said

    So many complaints,so little time..
    I for one appreciate the time, effort and money spent to put Clipperton on the air.Seems many have forgotten the “just a hobby” aspect..in a perfect world everyone would have S9 propagation and no QRM..no tuners,no “wrong VFO” ops..but hey,it is a hobby..and DX IS..
    Best wishes for a safe and sane journey to your home ports..

  518. Doug Turnbull EI2CN said

    Hi All,
    Thanks for a great DXpedition! The radio and weather conditions were ‘STINKO’ but you people made a lot of fellow hams happy. I am chuffed to have worked you on 160 along with four other spots and want to say ‘Mucho Gracias’! Safe home and may you work the next DXpedition with ease.

    73 Doug EI2CN

  519. Roy E. Blair, K4HGX said

    Hello Clipperton Folk, We want you to know how much fun we had while you were braving the elements on your DXpedition! Sorry about all the calamities, but glad you stayed with it as long as you could. The signals were surprising strong on all bands, and the operators were just great! Hope to hear all of you soon from another rare DX location. Thanks for all your efforts!! Roy, K4HGX

  520. Dave Collins AD7JT said

    Congratulations on your successful DXpedition. You did a really great job under less than ideal conditions. Thanks for your hard work, dedication, and the high-quality operation. Your signals usually boomed into central AZ and your operators were great and went out of their way to be fair to all of us in the pile-ups. I managed to log five CW QSOs running 100 watts. Four (10M, 12M, 15M, and 30M) using antennas in my garage only 10 feet off the floor. Have a safe trip home and take a long break, you’ve earned it.

    Thanks for everything,

    73s Dave AD7JT

  521. Eric said

    Thanks for a great job under harsh conditions. A new one for me, 73 K6PAU.

  522. Gonzo the Great said

    Thanks God, this nightmare is over.
    The swan song of it was a 10 minute opening this AM on 30 meters but again JA/NA. I’m afraid Eastern Europe and Central Asia simply did not exist for the Great Clipperton operators.
    Possibly we live in parallel reality or different Universe, who knows?
    But them, the Great, were trying to scan parralel realities and as confirmed by the on-line logbook, established inter-terrestrial communications with the following alien hams:
    K0O/3J, A56NM, A5ZN, H2VV, EK8HJC, AS2L, A9GQK, R5CVI, UA1PTJ, UA4JMG… just to mention a few.
    I’m not sure if this acheivement is enough for the Nobel Prize, but one thing is sure: the “Worst DXpedition of the Year 2008” plaque is waiting for you.
    Anyway, wishing you the pleasant and safe trip home and the fruitful fishing.
    Sincerely yours

  523. Gary VE2GK said

    Un gros merci!!

    Many thanks for putting up with those harsh conditions…I can’t even imagine!!
    When you all are REALLY old and grey you can all remember the time you “ruled” the Pacific!!! 🙂

    Be proud!!

  524. H.W.Frank said

    Dispite ‘mother natures’ difficulties all of your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. It was a fun adventure for all of us too. The ham community says – Thanks !!

  525. Gonzo the Great said

    I guess I am just mad I didn’t QSO you.

  526. i have e very desapoit whth french operator he only look for europa i try to contac but he sed to me to fock off it was in 13/03 at 5:30 local time wen i invented one german prex like only DK1 he came to DK1 and i set is not DK1 is py1aes
    and he sed i only talk whit europa and i sed u alredy talk whith me now give the report but he sed is not value whats goe on!!!!!!!!!

  527. Harold W0HJW said

    Don’t let the complainers get you down. All of you risked your lives to establish a working station on a sand bar in the middle of nowhere. You had no control over the weather and no control over propagation – AND you had to endure the worst of both. We in the ham radio community thank you for taking YOUR time and spending YOUR money to help as many of us as possible “get a new one”. May you have a safe journey home.

    73, Harold W0HJW

  528. Marc F6DAY said

    Merci les Frenchies…! bon retour à la civilisation. c’etait super.

    Marc f6day for ever

  529. Bob said

    Thanks for the hard work and your courage braving the elements. It was an outstanding dxpedition.

    Thanks again, you guys did great. Have a safe trip home.



  530. Larry, RA1OJ said

    I am happy I worked and confirmed FO0AAA DX-PEDITION,



  531. WB1EDI said

    Thanks for a great DXpedition. You guys were good ops in difficult situations. it was great to work you guys several times. especially Ann.
    and Mary (NE1F)

  532. Steve K4SAW said

    Thanks for all your work and efforts to give all hams an opportunity to get a rare one.I know it was not easy and things did not go as well as planned.I hope it is a safe trip back home for all.I’m glad to haved worked TX5C on several bands,less to get on the next trip, hi hi!Look forward to future dxpeditions from the group.Despite lots of “bad eggs” out there glad to have participated.73 es good DXing

  533. MARTIN K6MCL said




  534. Ian vk2xf said

    Many thanks to the team.
    Your efforts were great!!
    Look for you MM.
    73 Ian

  535. AE1C said


  536. Gene Glover said

    Thank you so much for being there! I didn’t get through, but my wife did and I was thrilled to see her excitement at working Ann Santos. From your blog, I know you guys endured exreme weather, unconfortable heat, and equipment failures. By the end, it must have felt like a bad Field Day that went on too long. Thanks for being there. I hope you guys each do it again soon. 73, Gene N1YE

  537. rick said

    thank for the hard work to bring us a fine dx operation, I look forward to the next time on Clipperton 73

  538. When we went to Clipperton in 2000, upon arrival a squall surprised the landing team. From the boat (Shogun as well back then), the rest of us could barely see our teammates on the island. They were holding onto the poles of the tent they just put up, so it would not ‘take off’.
    Landing and departing Clipperton Island through a cut in the reef, IS dangerous.
    When arriving at Clipperton, most of the team are usually already exhausted by lack of comfortable sleep (roaring diesel engines just next to the sleeping cabins) and sea sickness. Then the work starts: putting up living and operating camps from scratch under quite uncomfortable conditions (heat and/or rain). This does not help already fatigued operators, when they finally start the radio operations.
    In 2000 we were lucky, just one squall at setup, and after that it was all sunshine and nothing to worry about. No antennas coming down, no tents wanting to take off, no equipment failing (except for 6m amp), just operating, eating/sleeping and enjoying the mythical Island. We had great propagation to most parts of the world (except perhaps northern and eastern Europe/Russia). Not so in 2008, during sunspot low, radio conditions were totally different.
    It seems to me a lot of the whiners on the DX Clusters and on this Guest Book, have no clue about these above mentioned facts.
    Learn to appreciate what is really going on before commenting in a negative way. Bob and his team risked their lives (did I tell you on our way back in 2000 there was a fire in the engine room, and nobody could attend it with a fire extinguisher because there is only one entrance to that room, heavy smoke preventing to enter this room?) for their and everybody’s fun. They did a superb job under challenging conditions and for that I applaud them. Very well done guys and girls, hope you all get safe of the atoll and have a great journey back home. Surely you’ll have great stories to tell!
    73 – Mark – on4ww.

  539. Russ Santos- K1TSV said

    Nice to hear from the “brave” Euro-trash, whose miserable, caustic and anonymous comments equal out to resemble a rather large mound of guano! Great for the garden! Boo Hoo Hoo, I didn’t work tx5c when it was convenient to ME AND I have the right to complain WITHOUT donating one single Ruble or Euro! Amazing! The UN should start dropping bottles of MIDOL and PAMPRIN into the affected areas for those poor, afflicted souls! Let them get their arses out there and try to endure the conditions that this group did. No wait, history repeats itself and they would come crying to the USA for help, as usual.
    As a well-known habitant of Springfield would say…BITE ME!

  540. Bruce Thompson said

    Thanks to all of you and I am very glad I got to work you on many bands. I was worried at first but slowly I started making contacts;I know others were not as fortunate. I think it was great that you made so many contacts under such adverse conditions. Hats off to all of you and I hope you keep making dx expeditions and have a safe trip back.

  541. L0SER/1 said

    You guys made me SO mad!!!

    My car broke down, and my wife left me because of all of you!

    Oh wait….I just checked the log!….worked ya!

    Great job!!!….

  542. Somewhere In Utah said

    You guys rock! Tough conditions, tough propagation, yet a very successful outing. I listened to the different operators with great patience and “professionalism” work the weak stations and not be bullied by the big guns that seem to think power is more useful than skill.

    Get home safe, I’d like to buy you all a round!

  543. terry wl7sj said

    Thanks for the contacts,great job even with all the troubles you had.Have a safe trip home.73

  544. Randy K5SL said

    As a cw op on FD and sweepstakes for many years, I have fought lightning and pouring rain where we were all hundled under one corner of the dry part of the tent. Many will complain, and whine- but I wonder how many of them have carried the ball on the field or come up to the plate with 2 outs and the bases loaded. I love your sense of adventure and putting a rare island on for us to talk to..Hats off to you and thank you!!! I want to go on the next one!! Randy K5SL

  545. Bil K6KN said

    My guess is the hams complaining about not getting through weren’t able to be heard at TX5C, not that you were playing favorites or inept. It is their problem of equipment, power, location etc., not yours. In the three cases I got through it was in 1-5 calls. In the rest I called for an hour or so and never got through. In those latter cases it appears my signals weren’t getting through rather than TX5C actions. Thanks again for the fine job under difficult conditions. Bill K6KN

  546. Aldo i0djv said

    Congratulations….!!! very good dx-expe.
    73! good look !!! Buona fortuna !!! Aldo i0djv from Frascati Italy

  547. Bob VE7RPX said

    Bonjour ! Sorry unable to work u thru the
    heavy QRM & QRN . I guess my “barefoot” station
    not enough to get thru to TX5C . Sigs. good on
    80 & 40 , S3-4 on 20 . Faint on 160 , no copy on
    15 . Did work FO5XA on 14.195 with S-5.5 ,Thurs.,
    2/28 @ 2242Z . 73 et Bon Chance ! — B.

  548. Fumi 7k1ptt said

    I appreicate you gave me a thrilling and enjoyable week for me.
    I also enjoyed your website to read your personal dxpedition journal.
    Now I hope you have a safe return trip and a nice meal on Shogun.

  549. Jon N0JK said

    Great job! Nice touch on the logsearch results to see the picture of the op. you worked. Special thanks to TX5C 30M op F6BFH on March 13. I was visiting my daughter in Lawrence, Kansas that evening. To work TX5C on 30M I strung up a random wire antenna inside her apartment with a MFJ tuner. The ground was the kitchen sink faucet. Not expecting much, I turned on the FT-897 radio and TX5C was a true S-9 around 0400 UTC on 10.107 MHz. Not a big pileup, and after a couple of calls TX5C replied to me. TU! What a thrill! I could also copy TX5C clearly on 80 and 40M with the indoor antenna. Wish all a safe trip home.

  550. Patrick Delgado KO6ECV said

    I’ll keep this short!

    To all you bitchy naysayers, HAM is a hoby and a very cool one at that. I didn’t get to work em either, oh well thats how the waves roll. QUIT YER BITCHIN! If this hoby upsets you so, find a new one and the folks taking on the difficult tasks alone.

  551. Rich said

    Hope you all have a safe trip home good job

  552. Les K2LHR said

    Thank You for the new one

    You Guys did a great job under very difficult operating Conditions,Safe trip home


  553. Marty said

    I heard the comments from stateside hams that they were just working EU and not NA. I actually heard a guy angry that TX5C wouldn’t cow down to his demands.

    I looked up the guys that made the most complaints and they all have stepir antennas or mono banders 5K amps and 10K dollar radios.

    May I suggest you guys just try proper radio theory and stop trying to buy your DXCC.

    I worked TX5C on an IC-718 and a delta loop with the apex at 14 and 1/2 feet. I guess reading about transmission lines and antenna theory helped me to get them on 6 bands.

    Just my thoughts.

  554. Krissy said

    Thank you for working (yes…I am guessing that work was more than not during this particular DXpedition)and enduring such tough conditions to have QSOs with all of us. I am guessing there are many who would not leave the comforts of their own home to in an effort to add so much joy to the HAM experience for others. There are never guaranteed results when it comes to this hobby, otherwise I am guessing it would not be as much fun or interesting. If it weren’t a challenge I would not do it. I loved the operators and thought the one’s I worked did a fantastic job. Return home safely, you still have work ahead of you.

    88 to you all!


  555. David said

    Thanks for a ton of fun. Many of us spent hours trying to work you and some are very pleased to have made it. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves like most of us did working for the TX5C QSO. Thanks, David ZL1DK

  556. Jim Adams said

    Thanks for the contact on 14.243 SSB. Take care and 73. Looks like I don’t live too far from your son W8TN.


    Jim Adams, K4JWA – Barboursville West Virginia

  557. ab2tc - Knut Spang said

    Thank you again for a great DXpedition. Can you not get somebody to finish off the web site, so that it does not show that TX5C is still QRV and update the final QSO stats? Worked you on 17m and 20m with 100W and a dipole and it was not really that hard.


  558. F8DHA said


    Merci beaucoup et bravo à toute l’équipe pour cette nouvelle activation de Clipperton.

    73 QRO de Fred / F8DHA

  559. Tom said

    Hi Guys
    Congratulations for so nice DXpedition, you did a super Job from there..hope your retourn will be safe and come home soon…thanks for 8 contacts !!
    God Bless you all.
    73 de Tom
    ZP5AZL // ZP0R

  560. Ron Cable said

    Marty I agree with you 100%I have been a ham for 48 years.I started as a novice and learned how to navigate thru the ham bands thru fierce competition from Kw operators with monster antennas.Todays hams want instant gratification and they dont even have to learn morse code.They dont have to be examined at the fcc for a license,they can join a local ham club where their good buddies can give them and their xyls a license.Ham radio today is just a free for all,the more power the better and join the Jonses and get an expensive rig.The good old days are over

  561. Kai said

    Thanks TX5C team! Managed 80m-12m using 100W with an indoor antenna — lots of credit to your good ops and good ears. Best wished from “hurricane alley” Southern Florida. Believe me, I understand your WX problems well!
    Kai KE4PT

  562. Rod Greene said

    de ZL2ACE
    Great operating under difficult condx.
    Well done guys and gal.
    73 788 Rod G.

  563. f6bcc/Bernard said

    Bonne traversée à toutes les équipes et peut-être un contact à bord du shogun le soir pour moi !!
    Merci encore pour tout ..pour moi c’était un bon moment qui nous a fait rêver!
    Bernard en Charente-Maritime

  564. veriere jacques said

    hello, 73 from jacques F9ZJ (near paris city)
    congratulations and thank you for your efforts to offer the ham community a new dream!
    hope to find you and your frequencies despite the lazy propagation right now, looking accurately your time/propagation “histogram” to optimise my traffic to you

  565. Manfred said

    I’m very glad to have a FO0AAA QSL! Yes, bad wx, bad propagation and so on, all understandable but the operations were very poor.
    With a good station and many years of DX experience there are not many DX-peds where I can’t get at least one single CW QSO – TX5C is one of them.
    I don’t want to write all the ‘funny’ things here that I observed on the bands during this week, most have been already stated above.
    Thanks to all the tuners, LIDs, police man and other creazy people who tried to make it a little bit harder than it was already with the very small signals …
    Hope the next Clipperton DXPed can do better.

  566. Brad Cowell WZ0O said

    May I say thank you for your great efforts on Clipperton Island. Yes I worked you on all bands but 6 and 10 meters and feel bad for those that didn’t. I think that some hams forget as they sit in front of thier warm dry radio that you folks were at times fighting for your lives in the bad weather and harsh conditions. You have done a great service to hams everywhere and may God speed you home safe and sound.
    73 to all

  567. Larry Neupert, NJ4O said

    Great Job guys, I spent many years in US Navy
    medicine supporting the Marines in the field. I understand poor conditions. I hope all are well. Have a safe trip home and God Speed. BTW
    I must have gotten in at the last end on 40 meters (3/15. 0900 UTC) thanks for the QSO from a “little pistol” 73 to everyone……Larry

  568. Chuck NI0C said

    Many thanks for your grit and courage in the harsh environment. I was hospitalized once for heat exhaustion, and know how dangerous this can be.

    I was very happy to have several QSO’s with you, including 160 meters. 73 & bon voyage on the way home!

    Chuck NI0C

  569. Chris G3SJH said

    What about a website update? Apparently TX5C is still QRV? And a log update? Those of us who only made a QSO in the last 2 days or so still don’t know whether we’re in the log or not.
    Chris G3SJH

  570. Jim N5VT said

    Many thanks for a great opportunity, and especially for doing your best (which was VERY GOOD) under trying circumstances.
    Very 73 & safe home,
    Jim N5VT

  571. Wonder said

    2211 duplicates out of 60000 qso. Just wonder who needs them so much??

  572. Bernie/HB9ASZ said

    Hi folks,
    Mighty thanks for an all time new one, you indeed made my night (40 m CW, 100 W and a simple vertical)!
    Just ignore the bad and inappropriate and even indecent comments, not worth reading them. Hats off to all of you under these extremely harsh conditions!
    Mes hommages aux opérateurs français!
    de Bernie/HB9ASZ (VP8THU/VP8GEO/FT5XO and ZL8R)

  573. Many tnx for the new one.
    You made a good job under bad circumstances.
    Managed 80m, 40m and 30m with simple verticals.
    I was not at home during high band openings.

    Wish all a safe trip to home.

    73’s Pascal

  574. Steve Hawkins said

    Great Job under terrible conditions (110F and high humidity is horrible). Thanks for a new one on 80M

  575. Hans Jørgen OZ7BQ said

    If you can not hear them, you can not work them!

    It is not often that I do not hear a DXpedition, but not once did I hear TX5C. Conditions to N-EU must have been unusually poor. Did not hear any W6’s or 7’s for that matter.

    It would be interesting if someone could make a hindcast and test if high A, K and Aurora Index explains the poor N-EU results.
    The propagation plots are interesting reading, but they would be more useful if statistics could be broken down by Country rather than by Zone.

    As it is, Clipperton remains on my most wanted list.

    Wishing all a safe trip home.
    73 de OZ7BQ.

  576. Griper said

    >Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Outfitter >Satellite Inc., one of the largest satellite >phone dealers in the United States, TX5C will >be able to provide dxer’s with rich high >bandwidth content from the DXpedition including >more online log updates, webcams and live video >from Clipperton Atoll.
    Did we miss something? Who is to blame? Bad WX or bad condx? Online log wasn’t updated for more than 4 days. TX5C is still-on air today.
    Is there anyone feels responsible for the TX5C homepage?

  577. Martin Spiegelberg KG6QKJ said

    Are these guys OK? I have scoured the internet to see if they made it home or are really on their way and no info was found.

    I haven’t heard them for days and was told they were finished and on their way.

    Anyone got any info? I am getting worried.

    73, Martin

  578. Witek said

    Good luck for all and have a safe trip back to home
    Vy 73’s

  579. Patrick said

    I see a lot of people complaining about the fact that they couldn’t work TX5C, even with large stations. DXing is in order of importance a question of :
    – condx
    – operating skill
    – patience
    – luck
    – big station
    So if you failed, check were you missed… and stop complaining… Will you be poorer, in worse health if you did’nt work TX5C ? It’s only a HOBBY and you will happier when you work FO0 during the next expedition !

    Many of todays operator are sitting watching TV and going to the shack only when the DXcluster is ringing after having set the right filter… How can these guys learn patience and operating skill ?

    I’m happy, i worked them with 100W into a bad Windom antenna. OK, only on one band but i’m not competing with anybody.

    73 de TK5EP, Patrick.

  580. Mike said

    It’s too bad for all those who didn’t manage any/many QSOs for TX5C! To follow VP6DX with their super antennas had to invite comparisons for performance. The new log on-line is great, but I fear it does encourage the “DX HOGS” to compete.
    It was even more frustrating for us on the East Coast of NA with BS7H last year when we were considered the “most difficult” area – and then listened to them working EU most of the day when we could hear them on 20m and, often, 30M and call in vain under the EU wall.
    Oh, well, it IS only a hobby; but can be most frustrating as well! Guess I’ll never get BS7H now – anyone going there has to be out of their mind.

  581. BERGER Phil f5phw said


    I woke up at 4am two times to QSO you. The first time, I did not succeed in, but the second time, QSO you in RTTY only with 100 watts and a dipole. Many tnx for the new mode for me.
    Many tnx for this very hard (wx conditions) dx-pedition.
    Just a word to all the people who cricize a lot on the cluster : instead of criticize, take your money, take your antennas, your rig and go into a DX like FO/C. Where is ham spirit ?
    A 9B DXCC is not ok in 10 minutes, it is in all our lives !

    73/88 de F5PHW Phil
    (Sorry for my poor english)

  582. Ademir Moreira said

    Congratulations, the expedition was magnificent.
    I felt frustated for not having worked 40 meters RTTY, very strong signals here, and also do not have listened in 160 meters.
    All the team worked very well
    Ademir py2sp

  583. Matt said

    No news for some days. Are they missing? Cast away? Did anyone inform the coastguard?

  584. Rick said

    Any news from the crew? We are getting concerned about their safe return? Please advise!!!!!!

  585. Eddy said

    Look at the NOAA satellite image about Clipperton area,I’m afraid they have something to do than send news

  586. Robert Helt NY6J said

    Dear Russ Santos, K1STV:

    Does your wife, Ann WA1S know what you are doing writing such nasty stuff.

    Your best to take a neutral position. A thick skin would serve you better.

    Bob Helt
    Fort Wayne

  587. mason dixon said

    hey Bob Helt-

    Russ Santos is 100% correct and he has the right to his opinion. Your best to not leave such silly comments.

  588. Robert Finkelsen said

    To those that are concerned about TX5C safety. The Captain has 30 years of experience and the Shogun looks to be a solid ship, so no news is good news just now. My best guess it that they are at about 20 degrees north latitude at 16:00UTC 3/18/08. On the map they would be at the same latitude as Mazatian Mex. just about 200 mile south of the tip of the Baja peninsula. NOAA report is 20KT N-NW wind and 9 to 13 foot seas. For those that get sea sick they are most likely having an awful time and those that don’t get sick has to put up with the sick ones! My guess, is that they will arrive at San Diego late Saturday, perhaps if the weather gets better for them they will make port at noon PST.

  589. Ed Kacura said

    Thanks to the dedicated group that made up Clipperton 2008.You did the best you could under VERY trying conditions.My station is very small,and QRP at that,and I had to work hours to get 2 contacts.But it was worth it,lots fun!Have a safe trip home,and hope for a few more M/M contacts before you make port.Wish I could have been there!73’s de Ed–N7EDK–Marana,Az.

  590. Robert Helt NY6J said

    Per Robert Finkelsen comment: I am getting concerned too…..

    Therefore; I have called my son in San Diego, a member of the Coast Guard Station on Harbor Drive across from the Lindbergh Field
    Airport and asked him to do a “track” on the Shogun.

    The “Shogun” according to James is a familiar vessel takin’ port from San Diego with a/an most experience crew. James, my son, has authority to keep track and maintain ocean safety in San Diego and South to South America via Coast Guard MLB and Cutters.

    I asked him to pull a “track” and let us know how they are doin’ so I can advise and sleep well.

    I also asked James to “dispatch” an MLB motor life boat to intercept the Shogun and give them a “great welcome back” across Point Loma/La Jolla home welcome.

    When updated from James, will advise. All is well……

    Bob Helt, NY6J
    Fort Wayne

  591. Don Broadston, K7NGK said

    Looks like fun! Good luck, hope to work you soon.

    We are currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii, and my HF rig is in Prescott Arizona.

    All the best!

    Don Broadston

  592. YB0COU - Yongki said

    Thanks for the new dxcc. # ONLY 1 QSO 40M SSB #.
    Good luck to all and have a safe trip back home.

  593. Michael Mayer said

    Congratulations to all TX5C operators. Great job under trying conditions. See some of you in Visalia. Have a safe trip back home.

    Mike – W5ZPA

  594. Uun Saputra-YB1UUN said

    Many thanks for 1 contact on 15 m SSB. Very difficult contact from YB Land on SSB.

  595. Stuie said

    Great work Guy’s, fantastic efforts, I really hoped to get you on all bands & Modes but was only to get you on 20m SSB, one contact only but very happy that you guys were there to give me the new one for my DXCC & IOTA awards. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    73,s Take care & again Thank you very much

    Stuie VK8NSB

  596. Ken Scheper said

    Thanks for ALL of your efforts! Even with pegging SWR’s on all of my available antennas, I QSO’d on 2 bands. No matter what complaints you hear…just remember… you were there, you took the risk, and your logs are FAR from empty!

    Just ask Wayne about our 1996 CY0AA Sable DxPed. If something could go wrong, it did.

    Again, congrats on your efforts. It WAS appreciated.


  597. Leszek said

    I am missing 1 qso,ssb phone on 40 m,14.03 at 3.41 gmt,in Yours log.Please check.
    It was hard job to work with You.I did have short time after I come back from Ducie and FO.
    Best 73,Les

  598. Charlie N5BLY said

    What a motley-looking crew in that group photo!

    I’m sending a copy of it to Homeland Security, DEA, Border Patrol, and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers with a note stating that they should be on the lookout for a bunch of suspicious looking, sunburned, cut-up, bruised, and limping characters trying to enter the country, by sea, with a cargo of Clipperton Island Crabs, and dubious looking electronic equipment, at the San Diego docks!

    In the meantime, I’ll be checking the walls of my local post office to see if there is any possible reward money being offered for information leading to your capture!

    Oh! By the way…thanks for the QSO’s on seven bands!

    73 from a concerned citizen!

  599. Ronald LA3ANA said

    Hei, please delete QSO`s of LA3SG. They were made by EA7AVP. We had bad condx here in Norway. Just compare QSO`s LA3SG/EA7AVP (same OM).
    Tnx for my 30m-qso.
    73 Ronald

  600. DON JORDAN VA7DJ said

    good operation while it lasted. Too bad you had the wx against you which you have no control. Thanks to the operator that was working Canada and Alaska. That was very good of him to do that. Also that is a very nice web page you have and a new aspect on the log search also showing the operator that made that contact. Nice touch. 73 and good luck to the team getting home. JOB WELL DONE.

  601. Very good and hard job!!!
    I’m very happy for CW & RTTY new ones…
    So I hope in your LoTW credits before 31 march
    deadline if possible 😉
    Fantastic QSO/days rates, many compliments again.
    I think is more safe Peter I land…..hi

    73 de IK5PWQ

  602. Udo AD5RQ said

    Thanks to the operators of TX5C for their efforts and great operation skills. I was happy to break through this incredable pile up noise.
    Great job and wish you all the best.
    vy 73 de Udo

  603. Charlie N5BLY said

    In reference to my previous posting:

    Your group photo reminded me of something I just couldn’t put my finger on until a few moments ago when it finally hit me…

    …you guys look like a cross between graduation day at an Al Gida training camp and a Hell’s Angels reunion (is that Grateful Dead music I hear playing in the background)!

    Just goes to show what can happen when you drop off a mixture of Americans and Frenchmen, together, on some God-forsaken, South Pacific Atoll, exposed to the elements, and deprived of sleep for days on end. PLEASE INVITE ME THE NEXT TIME YOU GUYS WANT TO REPEAT THAT GIG!!!! Because, it looks like you’ve had more fun than should be allowed by law!

    In the meantime, I have contacted the authorities about intercepting you all upon your return to American waters, but they inform me that the seas have been too rough for the Navy so they’re sending the San Diego Coast Guard, instead!

  604. Oliver DL1EJA said

    Thanks for the very successful operation from Clipperton Island. You gave me losts of fun working you on different bands and modes. Kind regards and see you in the next pile-up.

  605. Garry said

    Hi chudaki na bukvu M. Odnim slovom-kozly.
    TNX for noanswer!

  606. Ralph Javins, N7KGA said

    Thank you for a superior effort. I am proud of you guys. I have “been there. too” although not Clipperton. (Herschel Island was one.) I can appreciate the extremes of temperature, the weather, equipment problems, propagation, and the pile-ups you faced.

    Ralph Javins, N 7 Keeps Going Astray

  607. Roy Lincoln said

    Thank you very much to each and every sponsor and participant for making this a very successful dx’pedition and giving all dx’ers everywhere a shot at FO/C. Your efforts gave contacts to many, myself included. 73 de Roy WA4DOU

  608. Bob F said

    Any word from the TX%5C? They should be back to San Diedo any time now. Haven’t heard anything from them since the 17th.

  609. f5tgr said

    Congratulations to all the team for this nice Expedition to Clipperton.
    Don’t take too much care to some dx Cluster comments about trafic and signal, i had worked you with only a vertical
    best regards Nicolas F5TGR

  610. Russ Santos- K1TSV said

    Ann called and they’ve reached S.D. safely. They lost the HF antenna and seas were too rough for sat linkup. King Neptune was looking out for them per MY request!

  611. Wild Bill - WB6BFG said

    Sure was good to see you all this morning and I’m glad that you all made it back safe! I hope that Bob’s ankle is okay.

  612. F8BBL said

    Hi Guys

    Congratulations to TX5C team for FB DX’pédition on the Clipperton Atoll.
    Thanks for all qso, and new one rtty qso
    Good luck to the team getting home
    73 Laurent F8BBL

  613. Compromitation!!!!
    NO more operation like this!!
    “0” QSO in my log!!!!!!!!!!!

  614. Chris G3SJH said

    Congratulations on your efforts in difficult conditions. However, I think the dxpedition was a big disappointment for many in EU, particularly N and Central EU. Of course this was in part due to poor propagation. However …

    Considering own experience, I had hopes for new band slots on 17M and perhaps even 12m, but never heard a workable signal. Having worked FO0 previously and given the limited propagation I refrained from calling you on 20m, to give the chance to others.

    I finally worked you (I thought) on 14 March 40m SSB around 0830. The op came back with my call IN FULL and gave 5/9. I gave him 5/9 but did not hear a final QSL. But since he came back with my call in full, I thought ‘should be OK’.

    By that time the regular log updates had ceased and it was only after you were QRT I was able to check the log only to find the dreaded ‘not in the log’. So what happened? Did I work a pirate? Was my call incorrectly entered in log? To recognise a complete call in a pileup and fail to complete a contact seems to me to be very poor operating technique by a dxpedition operator.

    73, Chris

  615. Hide JI1AVY said

    Thank you very much for giving me a new one. I could catch you on 40m in very final hours on 15th Mar. Although I hardly could tune with your signal with my rig and ant, you finally found me among the last hours pile up. Happy!

    Best DXpedi! 73. Hidehiko

  616. Russ Santos said

    Thanks to Bob Helt for reminding me who my wife is. I suffer from CRS and forget. To answer your question, yes, she does. Unlike you, my cohones are NOT in my wifes purse, so I don’t have to get her OK before I vent. By the way, the callsign is K1TSV. No crabs or Boobies were harmed in the sending of this message and I thank the team for putting up quite admirably with all mother nature and King Neptune put them through!

    Thanks Mason Dixon for watching my back. I owe you a cold one.

  617. Wayne Rumley II said

    Thank you for the new one. I need the Clippeton Island.
    Wayne wa5yne

  618. Vince - KA3NRX said

    Did backflips over working you on 80m SSB!!! That made my morning (I forget which one it was). Hey thanks for being there.

  619. Peter said

    Very very lame expedition. Probably the worst
    2008 Dxpedition. Bad QRK, bad op’s. See you never !

  620. Norbert FIUME said

    Chers OMs,
    Merci pour les 2 qso que nous avons eu sur 7,007 merci de m’avoir fait vivre ce rève par les ondes (premier contact depuis 1968)recevez mes sincères Amitiées…Norbert F6ABG.
    tnx for 2 qso because is a dream for me, my best 73 for you and many OMs THANK YOU…F6ABG

  621. Art Ippolito said

    Didn’t get the chance to work you folks; wish I did. What you do keeps amateur radio alive…and we need that. God Bless and safe journey home.

    Art K5IPP, Ocala, Florida 19 Apr 2008


  622. Dima said

    I can’t do say “TNX for QSO”..:o(((…
    Just few lucky guys from 16 zone (around 80 peoples)was get QSO.Only southern EU has been lucky!Need another trip!!!!!!
    ..but anyway thnx for try…it was not best!:o((

  623. joe said


  624. joe said


  625. joe said


  626. Anonymous said

    Wish that vp6dx team can organize dxsped to Clliperton,to show you how to work worldwide..with no prefering anybody..

  627. Anonymous said

    anyone receive card

  628. I really want to know how to get to clipperton island, cause there is no way I could find that in a comercial flight, so if you know how just let me know. thanks

    From Monterrey, México
    Raúl Alejandro

  629. usa said

    thanks god that all of you survived,and also for put some real effort to work as many usa station,as posibble.very patriotic of you,thanks.

  630. greg said

    what a dangerous mission..almost sounding that you are in the middle of the war zone.

  631. boy said

    Raul,your question is amazing..you can go there only by sea..forget that,and if you want make mini dxpedition-go to Mexican Revillagigedo isl–last time expedition from your country is totaly fiasko.

  632. Franz said

    Thanks to all of the HAMs, who are in the crew of TX5C.
    I saw the Video on the Ham Radio in Fridrichshafen.

    Franz, DF6QV

  633. boy said

    anyone receive card or they are still recovering…

  634. AD5ZA, Jim said

    Received card today, 7-22-08, Thanks!!

  635. boy said

    anyone receive card in europe

  636. OK1FDR said

    Received QSL this week. MNY TNX !

  637. lu9kdz .Carlos said

    <many tanhk. receive QSL days ago.!!!!

  638. Congratulations for your great DX-adventure to Clipperton 2008. I’m looking to the Clipperton DXpedition on 21 MHz. I just listen because my licence is not permited on this freq. OK, Good Luck for Clipperton DXpedition team !! Nice work & GBU !! de Ardianto, YD2LEV, Central Java, Indonesia

  639. IW0-BLW said

    Thank you for the New One, im sorry but i haven’t receved your QSL yet.
    J hope to receve very soon,
    bye, 73

  640. i am reallyu in need of ssb operator, but need more international profetionals traning to guide me all along. please if you can help me out.

  641. Jack DeVeiney said

    I am really in need of some special sauce sprayed all over my face! (gurgle gurgle…..mmmmm)

  642. Ronny Mund said

    Yeah yeah yeah Jack! I hear you loud and clear good buddy! I’m gonna tickle your balls with my antenna and then I’m gonna take the 21Hz highway right to sphincter island. You ever had salty ice cream straight from an old seaman?

  643. sandrar said

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